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  1. With the campaign coming in the next patch, I'd like to advocate for the option to select fantasy or realism when entering the campaign. What I mean by this is if I want a game where I dominate the seven seas with eldritch memeships then I can select fantasy, which will remove inhibiting factors such as cost, tech (you get all tech of that year when it becomes available to research), and infrastructure requirements (if any). Fantasy would make the campaign like a custom battle game, but with more continuity between battles. Realism would play out similar to the naval academy where we get funds and build a ship, but we get more freedom overall to choose tech, battles, and ships. I hope that we get a number of options to get custom parameters, similar to Uboat's campaign options.

  2. On 9/6/2021 at 9:15 PM, HistoricalAccuracyMan said:

    Been a while and this section seems kinda dead...but here's hoping somebody reads this one

    Mountain Mama's Finest Hour

    South Pacific, late 1944

    A small US surface group is steaming across open ocean towards a nearby friendly port for refueling, rearming and repairs in preparation for an upcoming assault on a Japanese Island stronghold. At the heart of this small group is the battleship USS West Virginia, coming off her role as an escort and fire support vessel for a convoy of troop ships that just made landfall on a remote archipelago to capture a troublesome Japanese airstrip. As all available carriers are either hunting down the last remnants of the Japanese Navy, supporting troop landings or at the docks themselves...the USS West Virginia is being escorted by a pair of light cruisers and three destroyers, which the US Navy deems adequate anti-aircraft protection for the aging battleship, but little does this surface fleet know that Japanese aircraft are going to be the least of their worries.

    The day before you are scheduled to arrive at port, the radar onboard the USS West Virginia picks up several unidentified contacts that are moving in formation on a bee-line for the same port. As no reports or communications have came through that would indicate these contacts are friendly, one of the light cruisers launches a scout plane to go and investigate. The report over the radio confirms everyone's suspicions...and fears: a Japanese surface group, consisting of mainly older ships, is steaming straight towards the port you are headed to and among them is the battleship Nagato. You relay this information to the commander at the port, and the Japanese Navy's motive is suddenly clear: the USS Enterprise herself, pride and joy of the US Navy, is in dry dock undergoing repairs after a recent kamikaze strike heavily damaged her and rendered her flight deck inoperable. The best defenses the port has to offer is a couple of PT Boat squadrons, a small contingent of aircraft, and a cruiser squadron permanently assigned there. You ask your XO for a status report of the West Virginia and his response is as follows, "We've got just enough fuel to make it to port and then some, and while we aren't in immediate danger of running out of ammo...we won't have enough for a prolonged engagement, sir. We better make our shots count." Knowing that you are the only thing standing between the Japanese surface group and the Lucky E's destruction...you turn to the bridge crew and give the order "Right full rudder...speed, all ahead full. If they want the Enterprise on the bottom, they'll have to send us down first!" You then turn to the ship's intercom system and give the order, "All hands man your battle stations! Repeat, ALL HANDS MAN YOUR BATTLESTATIONS! The Big E needs protection, and we're gonna be her shield!" Out-gunned but undaunted the USS West Virginia turns it's bow towards the enemy, with your escorts following close by, determined to show the Japanese Navy that the only Country Roads in the Pacific Theater lead straight to the gates of Hell.

    (Yes, those are references to the song "Country Roads Take me Home." I thought it was humorous at the time)

    Design Conditions
    Your Fleet (1928 Tech)
    You will design the battleship
    It should be as close to the late-war USS West Virginia as is currently possible but below are some requirements:
    MUST be built on the Dreadnought IV hull, not a Modern Battleship Hull
    All-or Nothing Armor Scheme
    Radar 1
    Belt Extended: 8"
    Main Belt: 13.5"
    Conning Tower: 16"
    Turret sides: 18"
    Deck Extended: 3.5-4"
    Main Deck: 5-6"
    Speed: 22 knots
    Engines: Either of the Geared Steam Turbines
    Aux Motor: Either of the Turbo Electric options
    Main Battery: Four twin 16" guns
    Secondary Battery: Eight twin 5" guns (4 per side)

    Your other ships will be 2 light cruisers and 3 destroyers

    Enemy Fleet (1928 Tech)
    1 Battleship, 2 Heavy Cruisers, 3 Light Cruisers and 3 Destroyers

    Battle Information
    You don't need to bring reduced ammo, but the main guns must be set to "save" fire mode
    Starting Range is 20,000m

    Win Conditions
    Your only hope for victory and your only objective is to destroy the enemy battleship and as many cruisers as possible as the Japanese are hellbent on the destruction of USS Enterprise and will surrender to nothing at this point of the war. The more cruisers you destroy, the easier the job will be for the cruiser squadron once they reach your location. You are forbidden to enter port until the threat is eliminated since you can be refueled at sea and towed back into port if need be. With that being said, however, we would obviously like the USS West Virginia to survive this battle if at all possible. It's a tall job for anyone, especially given what the USS Enterprise means to the United States, but you're staring down the barrel with your back against the wall and if you let the Japanese through...you will go down in history as the man who let the Enterprise fall to the enemy: it's time to do or die Admiral.

    Point Breakdown
    Sink the enemy battleship: 5 pts
    Sink a Heavy Cruiser: 3 pts
    Sink a Light Cruiser: 2 pts
    Sink a Destroyer: 1 pt

    USS West Virginia at less than 45% Structural Integrity: -5 pts
    Lose the USS West Virginia: -10 points

    Bonus Objectives
    Keep the USS West Virginia above 75% Structural Integrity: 5 pts
    Keep at least 3 of your 5 escorts afloat: 3 pts

    If you sink ALL enemy ships within 6 hrs of in-game time:
    You will be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the ship will earn the Presidential Unit Citation and you will forever be remembered as the "Savior of the Lucky E," Who knows, there might even be a promotion for you if you succeed.

    I managed to sink the Nagato and all the heavy cruisers while only losing a destroyer. The real trouble began when I tried to clean up the wounded light cruisers and the destroyers. At some point during their training my screens failed to grasp the importance of dodging torpedoes and I lost all but the battleship, a light cruiser, and a destroyer to them. At the end the battleship and cruiser were dead in the water with the destroyer being the only thing with some life in it. Three Japanese ships remained, a light cruiser and two destroyers. Pictured below is the West Virginia after sinking Nagato.


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  3. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times, I also cleared the folder using the %homepath% method. The download completes and so does the extraction, but it keeps saying "Game installation failed with an error Unpacking error, details in logs. Please, try again."

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