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  1. But why does the AI pull from a separate pool of funds from the player? I had 182 million, shouldn't both sides have roughly the same amount of funds regardless of fleet generation method?
  2. I have about a million left over. The battleships costs 35 million each, the destroyers are the same prices as before, and the cruisers cost 15 million each. Also, do techs randomize? I swear I built modern cruisers on the initial run.
  3. I was playing as the British and I think the AI is definitely getting more funds. I built three battleships at 33 million each and 15 destroyers, five for 4 million and ten for 2 million. The AI builds 6 battleships at a cushy 45 million. He also made 11 light cruisers for 33 million which is nearly double the cost of my own. I didn't get a look at the price tag of 3 Battlecruisers and the 8 Heavy Cruisers.
  4. With the campaign coming in the next patch, I'd like to advocate for the option to select fantasy or realism when entering the campaign. What I mean by this is if I want a game where I dominate the seven seas with eldritch memeships then I can select fantasy, which will remove inhibiting factors such as cost, tech (you get all tech of that year when it becomes available to research), and infrastructure requirements (if any). Fantasy would make the campaign like a custom battle game, but with more continuity between battles. Realism would play out similar to the naval academy where we get funds
  5. I managed to sink the Nagato and all the heavy cruisers while only losing a destroyer. The real trouble began when I tried to clean up the wounded light cruisers and the destroyers. At some point during their training my screens failed to grasp the importance of dodging torpedoes and I lost all but the battleship, a light cruiser, and a destroyer to them. At the end the battleship and cruiser were dead in the water with the destroyer being the only thing with some life in it. Three Japanese ships remained, a light cruiser and two destroyers. Pictured below is the West Virginia after sinking Na
  6. I think taking pictures of ships from a neighboring ship is a neat aesthetic.
  7. The launcher has returned to normal. I don't know what was the cause or the solution.
  8. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times, I also cleared the folder using the %homepath% method. The download completes and so does the extraction, but it keeps saying "Game installation failed with an error Unpacking error, details in logs. Please, try again."
  9. 1935 UK 1x BB 3x CA 8x DD vs 1933 Japan 2x BB 1x BC 2x CA 7x DD. It crashed while loading, it seemed to happen while designing the Japanese battleships.
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