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  1. I'll agree that right now is not the right time for a steam release honestly
  2. Gunboats would help a lot with the lack of focus the early ages and small scale battle suffer from
  3. Trying to provide any feedback that isn't about bugs is futile, but hell the community's nothing but persistent at least.
  4. Wait, this week? It'll be released already there?
  5. Damage system, ship designer, combat mechanics, combat itself, lots of stuff needs a priority pass before we get any expansion. No sense getting more when the core's not right
  6. Lowest turn speed you can (without counting torpedo boats) get is like 240m and that's for a 1.5k DD, not a 10k cruiser
  7. In my opinion, every expansion plan for the campaign should be thrown out for now, and the entire dev team should focus fully on polishing the gameplay and the current system
  8. I don't think that should apply to a 10k ton cruiser, and even then i doubt it'd be "on the spot" like this
  9. Damn that's amazing, didn't know the AI's turning radius was 20 meters
  10. That'd be very appreciated because everything under 203mm sounds dinky as hell, like you're firing a pistol instead of a naval gun
  11. Heck just rename it to "Auxiliaries" and add gunboats, god knows we need more small scale battles
  12. Completely random thing i also saw, why is the difference between Marks of guns so huge anyway? A Mark 3 330mm has its accuracy set at 57%/20%/6.1% while a Mark 4 305mm has its accuracy set at 100%/37%/12%. That's a huge difference only for a single Marks between them isn't it?
  13. Talking about torpedoes, when is the flooding chance for hull bottom gonna be implemented anyway?
  14. God what we need is AI being fixed, more small ships and more old ships I'm dying for gunboats and late torpedo boats to be added
  15. All there is about crew moral is sometime i lose control of my DDs for no reason and i can't figure out why
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