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  1. I agree, just as long as they continue to communicate with us. Doesn't mean I won't be disappointed, but I'll understand.
  2. I am. I really do hope it comes out today, because I'm very hyped.
  3. They seemed pretty confident that they could get it done by tomorrow. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt since they gave us an exact date (tomorrow) while before they would generally give a date range, and they apologized explaining that they wanted us to be able to play the best version of the game.
  4. That's pretty much how I feel. They wouldn't have to spend so much time debugging, because if a bug is found, it'd only be a couple weeks before next patch and they could fix it. Even these big updates every three months have bugs. The patch we're currently on allows us to have 12" belt armor on a torpedo boat...
  5. Would y'all rather have fewer but bigger updates, or more but smaller updates?
  6. I don't mind the delay, as long as it really does come out tomorrow. No more delays.
  7. I'm off work tommorow, so I'm really hoping it does drop so I can enjoy it!
  8. Finally, an update on their progress! I guess I'll see you guys in two weeks when the pre-patch releases. For real tho, a forum post just like this one could be done easily at least every week, and I'm really excited for the patch.
  9. I was kinda hoping it'd come out today, but today is labor day, so I'm hoping it'll come out tomorrow. I don't see how it's so hard for them to type up four sentences at least every week updating us on their progress. I feel like most people, myself included, wouldn't mind delays if they told us why and kept us updated on what they was doing.
  10. I'm excited for this patch. But I wonder if there will be a tutorial for the campaign or... One thing I wish they'd add is a number input for the tonnage, because with the new way of having the tonnage slider in increments of one, it's sometimes a pain to get the exact tonnage you want. Being able to type "60,000" for example into the tonnage would be awesome.
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