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    History, Age of Fighting Sail (AOFS), Naval aspect of Napoleonic Wars, American Revolution and American/British War of 1812, Barbary Pirates, Collector of Biographies of Nelson and other famous British and American Naval Figures, Collector of Historical Novels of AOFS by Forester, Kent, Pope, O'Brian, Russell, Sabatini, Parkinson, Woodman, Suthren and more
  1. thanks for your help guys
  2. how did you change the Beta setting in Steam? Where is this setting available on steam??
  3. not able to access new servers when try to launch NA. It continues to launch with test bed as my only option. How do I change the settings so I can participate in the new patch/swipe??
  4. The entire game is my "Magic Moment"!! Naval Action has obviously struck a chord with many devotees of the "Age of Fighting Sail"!!! All other attempts at creating similar games in the past pale in comparison. As stated by others, this is truly a dream come true. I have been a student of naval history since I read the entire Hornblower/C S Forester series in High School, followed by fictional series by other naval fiction authors over the last 40+ years: Ramage/Pope, Bolitho/Kent, Delancey/Parkinson, Aubrey/O'Brian, Drinkwater/Woodman, Mainwaring & Gallant/Susthren, and more recently Hayden/Russell, Cutler/Hammond, and Lewrie/Lambdin. This led to an extensive library on biographies of Nelson and other Naval Heroes of the time as well as non-fiction tomes on nautical history, sailing and combat during the18th and early part of the 19th Centuries. I even took up sailing small day-sailors in my college years. This game replicates the sailing experience quite accurately but my first truly "MM" was during combat in a night action with cannon fire lighting up the screen!! I am not a "Gamer" - NA is the only game I play. This game has allowed me to experience in a "dry" setting an approximation of what it was like to participate in naval combat of this time period, something I have always dreamed of - which is now a reality - and get this - we are only just completing the "Alpha/Beta stage"!!! For all those impatient players with "Toxic" comments - remember that this is not a completed game and patience with the devs is warranted considering the amazing complexity and realism of this game. I have 3441 hours into this game and do not regret 1 hour of it - what out there is better?? Thanks again and kudos to all who have participated in bringing this game to fruition. ps - apologies for the long list of fictional works - by I so enjoyed reading them I thought others interested in this genre might try some of them.
  5. Thumbs up!! Ditto to all the positive comments!! For those who are upset about putting a lot of time into the game as I have to achieve your current status - I had a good time doing it and look forward to more good times ahead - " Laissez les bons temps rouler"
  6. Is there a way to upgrade an existing ship - say one that was purchased rather than crafted by the current owner - to add more temporary and permanent upgrade slots - rather than having to build one from scratch??
  7. I am a newbie at this - at the very basic level i have not been able to figure out how to craft a number of resource materials in to a "part" such as copper plating from the individual components - let alone assemble the parts into a ship. I seem to be missing something here - possibly a simple step I have not implemented. Has this been addressed in a step by step fashion somewhere in the forums? Would like input as to where I can find this info. Thanks in advance for your patience.
  8. I have tried to use the L or R brackets [ or ] to fire a simultaneous broadside - sometimes it triggers the broadside but more often nothing happens and I have to switch to mouse control. Is the a sequence of events to use the brackets?? It would help if someone who has had success with the brackets as a firing mechanism could give instructions in detail as to their use - I am obviously doing something wrong.
  9. I am not clear about how to redeem one of my bonus ships I received after the launch of the game on steam. I have 4 new ships available. I attempted to redeem the Pickle BP (not sure what BP stands for) in the PVP 1 europe shard. It appeared in my warehouse. I then was to "craft it" somehow and when I tried I am not sure what happened next - but the Pickle BP disappeared from my warehouse and is nowhere to be found. I can still see it listed in my list of redeemable ships in the PVE shard but I am not clear about what my next step is to redeem the Pickle in the PVP europe section. Have I lost it completely?? Search through out the game forums failed to give me any instructions.
  10. Addendum - to quote a famous movie character: No guts - no glory!!
  11. A possible solution to above comments about training and damage farming: Would it be possible for the game developers to create a "Training Scenario" where allies could organize training sessions to learn fleet as well as solo tactics without the danger of losing ships or having to pay for repairs (ie, loss of cash) but at the same time due to lack of risk - since this is "training" not life and death combat - also not accrue any gains in XP or financial gain (ie, Gold)?? No risk - No gain. Not unlike professional sports such as American Football where there is a pre-season with "practice games" against league opponent teams (not in-house practice of offense vs defense) in real game conditions but with ultimate win/loss not counting for the actual season.
  12. thanks for the info - I have had the same problem with the button available to call for reinforcements but could not get it to work by clicking on it - hope this fix will work - ie press and hold Ctrl then ? left mouse click on it??
  13. I am a little ingenue abouit this but in the context of above comments in the course of this game what is "spying" when used as a game cheat??
  14. I was not aware of this flaw in the system when one can gain XP by gaming the system but I am still a little confused as to how "damage farming" is accomplished. Can someone define what it is so we can be sure to not be doing it inadvertently? Does it always take 2 or more players in cahoots or are single players able to use this cheat as well??
  15. jparrinomd

    The AI

    It does appear to me that AI accuracy at a distance is much better than my own in beginner fore-aft rigged craft. I am typically hit with the 1st salvo from the enemy ship just after my sails are up - where as I need to get much closer to score hits on my own - admittedly due to lack of experience and practice. In the beginning new players should be advised to avoid taking on armed ships - especially admiralty search and destroy orders. Those enemy vessels with Trader appellation (not in a fleet) ie Trader Cutter, Trader Brig, Trader Snow either have no cannons or are limited to cannons aft firing to the rear. Thus newbies can practice sailing, maneuvering, and firing without worry that they will be sunk in the process. Also after they have defeated an enemy - they do not have to leave the game. Rather, they can stay in play using the sunk enemy ship as a stationary target to practice gunnery and practice maneuvers at various points of the wind/compass in the combat mode which is much different that in the open world. I must agree that the slow learning curve is an integral part of the game - one can not expect to be an expert immediately but with practice experience will be gained. One must earn one's rewards.
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