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  1. armor turret isn't applied/saved correctly, and seem not to get the bonus from armor quality either
  2. flash fire x5 tho, for a ship with 5 turret, I fully expect main gun crew: 0% or thereabouts
  3. spacious quarters give you some reserves (still something small, but it's there) bc kaiser max got most of the core destroyed, with minimal life losses.
  4. crew damage should scale better with penetration, this destroyer, all on fire after a "flash fire x5", has more of 40% crew being perfectly fine, with 87% of the people manning the main guns being a-ok in general it feels like damage control operations should drain more crew, especially in the earlier years; fires and flooding aren't that dangerous right now, I think I only ever saw crew disappear after direct damage, but they should be lost both as fire&flood spread and as damage parties venture in the hazardous area to fix them.
  5. doesn't seem turret armor is doing anything for the iron clad turret model, any shot just goes straight trough (5" in main gun hit over pen as in picture) - turret armor was maxed in designer
  6. ^ this is what you wrote eh, I'm not imagining things. and that's factually wrong.
  7. me? I'm arguing the same thing since the beginning: it's not true that steam 30% cut is mandatory for all sales, both link provided supports this fact. and you writing longer and longer headcanon arguing whatever point you might think I'm making doesn't change that fact.
  8. You're just twisting meaning far beyond what the simple English sentence means. I don't know why you hold such a grudge, but keep living within your reality. like, go read yourself: https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/keys
  9. well if you change the sentences of course they mean whatever the hell you want them to mean. But no, the full sentence is: " If Steam enables your Early Access game, we expect you to have the Early Access game available for sale on the Steam store. Do not offer it for sale on Steam any later than you offer it anywhere else." so the only limit is that it can be sold trough steam if it's sold on steam *later* than on other storefronts. If it's sold on other storefront at the same time or later on, it's all fine. and that's only the policy for early access. normal titles
  10. false, they only take 30% of sales trough their storefront; they take 0% of sales trough direct channels.
  11. that's just because they've chosen to go with their own launcher, if they just used steam and allowed people to pick the version to play from the steam menu like any sane, sensible developer would have none of this thing about bug and unstable release would have mattered, i.e, Empyrion, I can play whatever version I want:
  12. don't worry core patch 0.25 will be great when it hits on friday
  13. yeah rtw has a much better belt mechanic, the belt goes from the most forward to most backward turret (or engineering space for all forward all backward turret placements) and the weight is a function of that calculated length.
  14. "The US Super Batttleship" mission always gets stuck on one or another enemy generation
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