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  1. Yes, I know how to read. Yet I still think it could prove useful in trying to figure out the issue here. And if his specs do exceed minimum or even recommended specs, then I think they should be updated by GameLabs, particularly if others are encountering similar issues.
  2. Could you post your specs? It may help if one can compare them to the minimum/recommended specs provided on the Steam page.
  3. This is a very healthy discussion happening here
  4. For the record I think he's just joking around since the Australian stereotype (well-founded) is that they always say "cunt" even when it's not meant insultingly.
  5. I've had plenty of luck completely annihilating destroyers with my battleship's secondaries, all the way down to about 4 inch guns. Cruisers seem a bit too strong against them (or the guns are too weak against them), yeah.
  6. Hi there devs/Nick/whomever it may concern: Are there any plans to add in-between calibers, which featured frequently in this era of naval warfare? i.e 3.9 inch, 4.7 inch, 7.5 inch, 9.2 inch, 9.4 inch, 13.5 inch, and a few others. And of course if aircraft/AA guns are ever introduced, you'll have things like 2.5 inch, 1.5 inch, 0.8 inch, 0.5 inch (machine guns), etc.
  7. Nick promsed us an update on the campaign patch for this week. Let's hope it comes out in the next hour or so...
  8. Nick promised us more info on the campaign update this week, so let's hope it comes tomorrow.
  9. I don't think Nick has ever said anything on the subject, but will there ever be some sort of option for making custom, or using historical, camouflages for your ships? Seeing every ship with the same medium metallic gray look gets kind of tiresome. You could even just do a handful of historical camouflages per country (one or two of the WWII American measures, the white+gold of pre-WWI USN, black+white of the Imperial Russian Navy, etc.) and then let users create new ones, or recreate historical ones, on the Steam workshop.
  10. Doing "Defend Your Convoy" and came across this monstrosity...
  11. Curious to know how refits (not just changing armament and superstructure, but general maintenance + wear and tear repairs) will work in the campaign. HMS Hood was famously years behind on refits when she finally met her fate in 1941; iirc she couldn't even hit her top speed because of the state of her boilers.
  12. Any large warship going beyond 35 knots with early 20th century technology is ludicrous enough
  13. For the devs: On the Japanese Tall Secondary Tower IV, I am unable to mount the dual 5-inch secondary guns that were historically there on Fuso and Yamashiro, because there is no mount.
  14. Absolutely fantastic to hear, really looking forward to it. Thank you for the hotfix as well.
  15. German hulls, towers, and turrets from ~1900 through 1918 are very sorely needed, yeah. A few more US and British hulls from this period would also be welcome. And of course pre-dreadnoughts, but that's been asked for for over a year now, and would just be beating a dead horse.
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