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  1. @pandakraut In the configuration files, does "sizeIncrease" stack with "AIscalingSizeMultiplier"? In trying to farm as much XP and as many weapons as I can in the early game, I reset the AIconfig and Config files back to the default current version and changed sizeincrease and AIscalingSizeMultiplier to 1.2. Also changed duplicateRandomProbability to 1.3. I played Distress Call and 1st Bull Run and the total CSA size at each battle was close to a 50% increase. I looked back at several of my previous MG playthroughs and around 24k CSA INF is normal at 1st BR, but I'm seeing 37K+
  2. Congrats on finishing Legendary difficulty. I'm definitely not an expert, but can provide some feedback based on my experience. Shiloh - The scourge of every Union player. On MG and below I find I am much better off just holding my lines and finishing it on Day 1. On LG I think you have to play it as designed with falling back to Pittsburgh Landing and going into Day 2. However, there is a balance there - if you fall back too quickly and don't whittle down some of the CSA they will just bulldoze you at Pittsburgh Landing before you can get to Day 2. On the other hand, it is hard to know h
  3. Before I changed any settings, I was playing around with forcing the scaling UP, on MG while working on Training emphasis builds. Obviously, if you go all in on Training in the early game you don't have any, or much, in logistics and even if you did you can't afford to buy stuff. So, the idea was to push scaling as high as I could to boost weapons taken in all the battles up to Shiloh, then de-escalate the scaling there, having let them bleed down to my intended size. I mean, I got the AI to send close to 20k troops into distress call - it got so out of hand I started laughing - it was like s
  4. Thanks Panda One other question. Do the CSA SS Palmettos (like at Seven Pines) have set perks, or are they random like most of the other units based on CSA training and arms quality percentage listed in pre-battle stats? No matter how fast I eliminate that unit it always finishes the battle having done serious damage to my units. I've never been able to get them to surrender to find out what they have, they always eventually shatter instead. I know they are using firearms with over 400 range because they easily out distance my INF units. I assume they are using +cover rather than +stealth
  5. 1. Question regarding scaling Everybody has various preferences regarding both the config and aiconfig files. The only percentage value I changed was making the chance to surrender equal to the chance to shatter, at .19. The other thing I did was put a cap on max unit sizes. I started with the player values and set them to the values I normally play. Something like 1500 for INF, 1000 for CAV, 500 for SKM and 350 for ART. I then set the AI max unit sizes to 3900 for INF, 1500 for CAV, 700 for ART, and 900 for SKM. I was tired for having Trabue at Shiloh roll up with 5k+ in a brigade when
  6. I know that reloading a game in the middle of battle doesn't truly restore the game as it was when you saved it. All charges are immediately cancelled and put into cooldown. Any "hold fire" on units will be cancelled so they can fire. Units that were moving will load in a "stopped" mode and take a minute to start moving again - moving artillery may even load stopped and deployed and go into "remounting" before they can move again. It made me wonder if losing the group commands had something with those things.
  7. Thank you. I forgot about the career point loss! I appreciate you testing it and saving me the effort. I had been considering that it carries a -12 on reputation, which is actually a 16-point swing since you do not get the +4 for the victory either. Up to Gaines' Mill I tend to spend a lot of my reputation points, plus the reduced recovery rates for distress call itself. Not knowing the potential rewards is what kept me from trying it. If it was Ordnance or Napoleons and Mississippi's I might be inclined to play it out a couple times and look at the numbers, but definitely not for rebores
  8. @pandakraut Bug: You may know this already and I don't know if there is a public bug log to look up bugs already reported. I love the addition to setup command groups with hotkeys 1-9, the feature is pretty much a given in most RTS games. I've noticed that if you need to do a reload for any reason, after a group has been setup, something gets disconnected when the game reloads. The unit icons will still highlight (usually) when the hotkey is pressed, but they don't take any commands until you reset the command group. Question 1: Are the default weapon recovery rates for victory on MG
  9. I will pay attention to this in the future and see if I can send you a file. As for the cannon perks, unfortunately, I took enough casualties about 1/3rd of the way through that I knew I would replay the mission before moving the campaign forward, so I hit restart and the next time the AI artillery range was what I had expected.
  10. Hey Pandakraut, Just a couple general questions. 1) Are there any controls to tell your unit to prioritize enemy charging units, especially when the unit is charging them directly? I think most people would agree that on MG and LG managing enemy charges may be the most important skill you need to learn to win without insane casualties. It's not an issue when you are dealing with a few at one time. However, when you get those situations when 5 or 6 enemy units are coming and you are trying to manage the chaos, I always seem to end up with a unit or two who either: A) have turned and
  11. (@pandakraut You may already realize this, but the current mod version ( does deploy 12 units at Distress Call even though 10 units is indicated on the display screen. I only realized this when I was playing around with +7 training builds and getting 4 in AO to build max units after Philippi and just happen to realize that I had two extra units on the field - which brings me to the main point - there is only one way to get AO 4 after Philippi. You must use your 2 career points from Philippi on AO, plus have previously selected the 2 AO options when making your campaign/career selectio
  12. I've found that if I use all captains and go with Gibbons and Wagner as my starting Division leaders (doing a disbanding of starter units with +7 training) I end up with 1-star units all with 90+ XP when I go into camp before Shiloh. I've played through a bunch of ways to try to get them to 2-star for Shiloh and with captains the INF fall short - though ART units with captains get there with no problem. If I use majors or higher for my starting 1-stars I can get at least 10 to 12 of them to 2-stars for Shiloh. That's 10 to 12 of my initial units out of the 14 or 15 created after Philipp
  13. Panda, I believe you meant +16 to stats at level 7 (not +20). Unless the display is wrong in-game. Right now, taking all 7 of the training perks at campaign start gives +16 to the recruits you receive after Philippi. For example, base efficiency for new recruits with no training perks would be 8. With level 7 training and the +16 to stats the new recruits are now start with 24 efficiency. There are several variables that go into being able to create 1-star units from the new recruit pool. CSA vs Union - The CSA campaign starts the game with much better recruits (worse weapons qual
  14. Question regarding Corps Commander Perks in 1) In the base game, some Corps Commander Perks are unit-type specific (INF, ART, CAV). I assume the perks in the current mod apply to all unit types. True? 2) Do any of the Corps Commander perks function outside the commander's area of command / aura? Or must units be within the displayed command radius. 3) I've noticed with supply wagons, units closest to the supply wagons will resupply faster, and units close enough to gain resupply, but farther away will resupply slower. Do the Corps Commander perks have less effect on uni
  15. I updated to in June right after Jonny posted the files. I then moved my old saves to a separate folder and started fresh. Admittedly, I am a bit later than most to UGCW, as I didn't start playing until a year ago. Had fun with the base game and then started playing your mod in April. Played Union and CSA through on BG to get a feel for the changes. Now, I'm trying to master MG difficulty. I've been experimenting with different career stat and perk builds to see what fits my playing style. In BG you can make any stat combination work, it doesn't really matter what you pick if AO
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