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  1. You might be experiencing a similar problem, that I was having with Microsoft's "Plays". When I stared Admirals, it would start up normally for about 10 t0 15 seconds, then it would switch me to a user verification screen, that was totally locked up. Since I do not use Plays, I disabled it, and have not had any startup problems since. Check to see if you have any games loaded on your computer that have startup icons hidden on the lowest icon bar at the bottom of your screen, look on the bottom left for what looks like an "up arrow", hover over it and is should say "show hidden i
  2. Finally was able to get the screen save image. It is definitely Microsoft's "Plays" that is causing the problem. If the plays icon shows in the hidden icons tab at the lower left corner of the screen, you will likely get this screen. Thus, make sure the "Plays" icon is disabled before to attempt to start the game. Gregg
  3. I found the issue, it is Microsoft's "Plays". Plays must think Admirals is a game in their system. I disabled Plays, and Admirals is once again working.
  4. After getting the game to work for a few weeks, it has gone right back to going to a page that says: One more step Please complete the security check to access medal.tv Exactly what is "medal.tv". Again, why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA? Besides, the scree with the above stuff is locked up, there in effect is no CAPTCHA to complete. The screen shot I get is of the custom game start up I was working on before it switched to the CAPTCHA screen, I'm unable to get an image of the CAPTCHA screen. Finally, there is no hidden Admirals Icon, in the bottom left corner of the scre
  5. I like this game so far. But there is one tremendous draw back for me, that is the lack of a save feature for a game in progress. I seldom have the time to select a scenario, build the ship, launch the game and then complete the game. I'm frequently forced to quit the game, and abandon everything, and this is becoming very annoying. Additionally, the game when running, ties up the entire computer; forcing me to have to quite the game in progress, to do some other more important task with the computer. Having a "Save Game in Progress" feature would be very nice to have.
  6. Yes, I found a hidden icon in the "show hidden icons" located at the bottom right corner of the screen. I closed it, and I was able to get into the game. Any idea why that crazy reCAPTCHA pops up every so often?
  7. Just starting this evening, when I click on the Ultimate Admiral shortcut on my desktop, I get this "Error: Another instance of Launcher Client already exists!" What can I do to get past this error message? As of right now, I'm locked out of the game. Also, why do I often get a reCAPTCHA when launching the game from the shortcut? The reCAPTCHA page is always frozen, and totally inactive. I can get off the page by hitting Control-Alt-Delete, but after getting back to the game start page, the reCAPTCHA will often come back, in a frozen state.
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