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  1. Okay I solved my issue. I tried the uninstall and reinstall thing. No effect. I KNEW others were playing this version just fine so I tried to change what I was doing. Turns out you have to select the hull, add the superstructures, funnel; then and only then did the Armament and Equipment sections un-gray. My old methodology was to select the hull, fill out all the left panels, then add the things to the hull. I mostly try to recreate historical ships with UAD, so that system worked until now. So I will change my methodology. Thank you for everyone who responded and tried to help.
  2. And I did say I repaired the game from the options menu. I just did so again. Same results. Thanks for the reply; and any other idea?
  3. 1. Trying to make a custom scenario. 2. Barbette, Armament, Equipment are grayed out and I am unable to select one. 3. Tried rebuilding the game with same results. 4. I know others do NOT have this issue because other YouTubers are posting videos with this build? 4. Should I uninstall and reinstall the game? 5. Any other ideas as game is unplayable for me in this state. Thanks. .
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