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  1. Also I remembered something, I do remember some ships being built by one nation and enlisting ship builders from another so some what like the Sophia Amelia of 1650 was was built by the danish but designed by an Englishmen or Sweden who hired the Dutch and English ship designers to help build their ships so maybe the Dutch did the same later on, the English were experienced at building 3 decked 90 gunners and had built many by 1700 so perhaps the Dutch hired some English designers to help.
  2. I would like to see this in game but as a testament to all those lost at sea. Maybe have her as a premium ship and use the money to help donate to those who’ve lost loved ones at sea.
  3. After having another look at the way you found the plans I’d say she’s not even prins William but in fact the Haarlem of 1721. An 96 guns. The plans are from the right time,the ships styling is Dutch fashion common in the 1720s,she has the right structure for a 96 gun 2nd rate,
  4. She is in fact very Dutch looking to me just a later style, The style of this ship is sometime after the 1700 most likely a refit 1705-1720. Now there was a much later Dutch 3 decker built in 1721 named Haarlem 96 guns and the style of these plans are from her era so maybe a name switch,or she was meant to be named prins William but was renamed at launch. But I am certain she is Dutch
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