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  1. As of right now the only main tower for American modern and super battleships is the same tower design on the Iowa in real life in 3 different variants. I'm not criticizing but it would add some historical accuracy if we also had the Montana main tower for when we make huge battleships with 4 centerline turrets. if you guys don't know what I mean, when yall look at World of Warships you will notice Iowa and Montana have slightly different superstructures. as yall can see the towers in front of the first funnel have slightly different shapes while everything else looks nearly the s
  2. I know this is also visual damage and it will take time to add to all hulls but it will be cool to have ships be blown in half after an ammo detonation as well as launching the gun into the air. Similar to HMS hood in real life when Bismarck hit the ships powder magazine.
  3. I know other people have mentioned this but will we see the ability to give our ships different paint schemes such as ones based one what ships from various nations had in real life?
  4. Now I know this idea is not realistic nor historically accurate but I thought the idea of side platforms on larger warships would be really cool and it would help side mounted main guns have better angles when aiming. I got this idea because I remember a mobile game where big gun platforms would be installed after doing what the game calls "remodeling" now im not talking about ripping off that game but if we could add gun platforms on the sides of our larger ships for side mounted main guns it would be very interesting to see how that plays out. Let me know what you guy's thoughts are on the i
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