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  1. Yeah I just thought yknow displacement along the ships axis can be corrected with some trig, for side armaments less so?
  2. Hey random but really important point: Make side guns and centreline guns use the same fire control system. It makes 0 sense for side turrets not to be locked on, while all the other turrets are. Edit: just realised I'm braindead: side guns are not on the same axis as the centreline guns, so using data from the main fire control system would lead to inaccurate fire.
  3. Except for dreadnought hulls. I really hate designing dreadnought hulls. The towers are painful.
  4. Didnt really find US Super BB hard either, did it first try with a design really similar to yours, except I had 4x3 18", 30 knots, Many bulkheads, Stereoscopic V, the works.
  5. Indeed, usually taking inspiration from already functional and existing ships goes a long way.
  6. I completed this mission on like, my 5-7th try, I see no issue. Thats aboslutely horrible, what the hell is this? Issues in the numbers beyond my comprehension but in fact the key to this mission: Radar honestly, because without it in the balanced tech youre always gonna be outspotted and outgunned before you even see them - effectively making whatever you built useless. Annoying, but you actually wanna go with Main Guns and fire control, and choose a slightly lighter caliber, 15" will do enough. Get good towers - accuracy is really important. Once youre in, get in, star
  7. Yeah thats true too. We'll just have to wait and see
  8. Well what can I say my man, most of the people who payed 50 dollars for this pre order are historical or naval enthusiasts, who care more for realism than "fun or engagement". For them (and for me), realism *is* fun and engagement.
  9. Ehh id imagine in this case its just a really detailed breakdown of the ship into logic units (armour belt, bulkheads, etc) with some trig and rng math plus base game shell properties to govern penetration, potentially modelled force application on the armour with some surface calculus (spread of force along the area of impact), idk, depends on the game, but visually the deformations are definetly not dynamicaly created, just a texture applied over impact site.
  10. I think it's less to do with ditribution of force and more to do with the armour having to deformate to compensate displacement done by the force of the shell at that site. But yeah I'll agree that overpens only have smaller chance to deal signficinat damage for any one event, but I'd say have much more potential if they strike any internal structures such as engines, hydraulics lines, wires, linkages, w/e, even potentially compromising internal construction of the vessel.
  11. Wait, did this guy *minimise* his armour to not receive partial pens? Yikes man Edit: oh wait he was complaining about increased partial/overpen damage, yeah no thats still stupid, partial pens deal lots of damage, this aint World of Warships. Overpens should deal a bit more than partials imo, since they actually clean go through the ship and have more than ample opportunity do to insane damage.
  12. Please describe derping out, because I'm not sure what youre referring to. For me movement works generally okay, the only problems I have is new ships disregarding orders when a new squad has been formed, but this is due to me not actually giving any new orders to squads, which most frequently happens when I'm controlling destroyers. Otherwise I have experience no issues in how formation movement works, I'm not quite getting what type of random derping you mean.
  13. nah go make a 60 knot dd with 40 kilometer torpedoes instead
  14. Seems like they maybe either having a hard time reproducing this issue on a large scale or figuring out the cause, or just it's existance being dependant on some old spaghetti monsters, or something that must come out as a later release. If it was such a long issue (I've only noticed it now), I think the devs are definetly on it, just need to be patient and give them some time.
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