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  1. The system seems convoluted, and the results it produces are irritating. It's hard to measure without having an orthographic view mode, but the values given for the towers seem to correspond in no way to the positions of spotting tops/rangefinders on the 3D models. I come from Arma, so I am a bit coddled as far as viewpoints go (where there is a sight, I expect a viewpoint to be, and where there is a barrel is where bullets are supposed to leave, etc.), so this disparity between the values and the models is glaring at times to me. For example, I found a drawing fragment that shows the spo
  2. I've got a question about how the armor buff works. For example, I got a BB with Krupp IV, giving a 108% buff to armor strength. What does that actually mean? Does it mean I have 11 Inches of armor that behaves like 22 inches of... what? RHA? Or does it mean that I actually have 22 Inches of armor for the weight of 11 inches of... RHA? Iron? Or does it mean that I actually do have 11 inches of armor, but they are just flat out "just as good" as 22 inches of iron, or RHA? When making real world inspired Vessels, this is an interesting question. Say I want to make that new shiny F
  3. Maybe it's worth rethinking structural damage. Something that is structurally damaged is really vague: is it literally missing, or just bent out of shape? Is it fixable? HMS Queen Mary lost maybe 30% structural integrity when she was blown in half. I would bet Yorktown lost less than 10% in hull mass to damage. (I Put a TL;DR in the back of this post, sorry for Wall of Text) I've thought about it and one way to get a better (hopefully) arrangement of stats is to introduce fightability and remove structural integrity as a battle stat. Instead, add catastrophic structural failures (for
  4. Another couple of attempts where not having the most advanced tower did me in. I tried building a budget Battlecruiser, going up against Destroyers and Light Cruisers, 1911 vintage. I spotted the Destroyers only after they had already launched their torpedoes (at 6 kilometers range.). The Chinese BC at that year is a smaller dreadnought hull, and I used the dreadnought-like tower (lowest tech one). The ship had a length of 158 meters, so I eyeballed the tower height from that number. The spotting top is at 26 meters (ish) height above the water, with the bridge of the destroyer (without mast)
  5. Edit: (Today some more Battles, and I still don't understand the gameplay value of this mechanic, especially in the light of my inability to suspend my disbelief. Two Battleships (1915 Vintage), and consistently the enemy outspotted me (I didn't pick max Tech to see what happens.). Dreadnoughts, unable to spot other Dreadnoughts at 8 kilometers (!!!) Range. While the opposite side, of same tech level, with ships of same weight class can somehow see 12.5 kilometers. This is what I mean with inability to suspend disbelief: the mechanic is at worst frustrating and unfair (If on the receiving end)
  6. I think right now all parts already have a signature level attached, which makes it so you can build ships that are visible much further than they themselves can spot. And I think that even a small destroyer being invisible to a battleship beyond 9 kilometers (which happens very regularily, up to heavy cruisers or sometimes battleships if no Radar is involved.) is nothing that is ever going to happen under clear conditions in real life. Maybe there should only be three values, independent of mark or tech level, mast height, superstructure height and hull height. Mast height would be the s
  7. Hi! First time Poster, have been lurking for a while, and bought the game a while ago after looking into it. I am impressed, and am enjoying it greatly. One thing that seems to come up often, both here on the Forum and in my own playing is the weird Situation the current WOWS style on-off spotting mechanic creates, where ships of similar size and capability have one that can spot the other from a significantly greater distance even though realistically, both should be able to spot the other easily (say, two battleships at 10 km distance. In one particular instance I was able to kill two m
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