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  1. In the prior statements fomo the devs, they stated we can pick the time period we wish to start in. The game is forcing us to start in 1890. I would rather start in 1930-1940. The slider on the main menu to pick your time frame is grayed out. Is this going to be fixed in a future patch?
  2. I thought we could pick the time period we wished to start in. The game is forcing me to start in 1890. I absolutely hate pre dreadnaughts.
  3. How about release the patch today even with a few minor bugs to appease all the anger gamers. Then release a patch a few days later to fix the bugs. you asked us about this option yesterday. Why not do it.
  4. Nick specifically asked if they should fix the minor bugs or release the patch on time then issue another patch to fix the minor bugs. Minor bugs are fine. It is understandable when a game is in EA. The devs game so many people hope announcing a new patch for early this week. Now it looks like they are sitting on their butts again.
  5. Nick, Today is the last day of "early next week". Please release the patch, even if it has some minor bugs that is fine. Your consumers are waiting.
  6. If the bugs are minor and not game breaking I say release the patch now and then release another patch one the bugs are fixed.
  7. If i remember correctly the devs stated the patch would drop monday if the closed group found no major bugs in the game.
  8. Nick, Is everything still on track for the patch to release on Monday?
  9. I second this. If there is going to be another delay please let us know and keep us in the loop.
  10. Anyone know what is going on with the launcher?. It says "update" but when I click on update it changes to "busy" and no update downloads? Possibly related to the new patch?
  11. The devs posted the comment on Sunday and said "Within the week we will inform you again about when we are going to release the patch." Hopefully we will have the release date in a few days
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