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  1. Ummm, if you include that in the game, do not make it a progression requirement - bury it off down some rabbit hole for the die hard "what if'ers" to find. Disclaimer, yes I beat it, but for a game that should be keeping close to realistic battles given the design constraints it enforces it was pretty sour fighting a Super Space Yamato with guns sticking out its keel and virtual lasers that auto delete ships at insane distances on the first salvo (one shotted a DD at over 20km on its first shot). *No, they weren't actually lasers, but 18" guns with accuracy and a ship weight and configur
  2. I think you are right, as I recall the super heavy 16" was 2700lbs, which is right around the 1224kg you cite. I do know that without increased shell capacity in most of the missions ships fail utterly - either the player running out of ammo, or the AI gets low and stops shooting letting you just pick them off at will without fear of retaliation at fairly close ranges because they won't fire until they get some magical % to hit. This makes several missions waiting games - loiter at long range while the AI pisses away its ammo with a 1-2% hit chance, then close in and pummel them at 10-20% wh
  3. I see this numerous times. Occasionally a gun might be highlighted in yellow, but mostly not - I am left guessing. What defines a poor sector of fire for this criteria? Casemate guns have in many cases less than a 90 degree field of fire. If I place small caliber deck guns (to simulate dual purpose AA guns), they usually have a 120 or better field of fire. Having the actual gun affected marked would be helpful.
  4. I've observed similar oddities sporadically. Shifting components incrementally changes it but there is a gross offset to the weight distribution. Seems that aside from it being a bug, ballast was used to balance out ship's unequal weight distributions (of course that has its limits, 27% being likely beyond it).
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