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  1. The forwardmost mount pair only allows one of the two to have a turret placed in it. Additionally, the next pair to the rear doesn't allow anything to be placed there, complaining about border. I encountered this first in the 'Sink the "Cruiser-Killer"' mission as the Americans, Austrians, Chinese, French, Germans, Italians, and Russians, and then duplicated it in custom battles as the Americans (No other navy uses the same battlecruiser hull in custom battle).
  2. Yep. I assumed it was intentional due to the game being in development and sometimes breaking changes happen.
  3. I cannot get through the "Meet the US Battleships" mission. For all the mission briefing talks up the battleships, it's the destroyers I am always stymied by. If I get out of torpedo range, I'm well out of secondary range meaning I'm using up primary ammunition - if I can see them at all. If I get closer, then I need to focus on dodging torpedo waves. Additionally, the US battleships have been decently fast, generally with speeds in the upper 20s. With the way the AI just picks a direction and goes, this means that any engine damage to one of my ships is a mission kill, as that ship will be st
  4. This looks like the same issue that was posted in this thread. I tried resetting my password, but that didn't make a difference.
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