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  1. It is normal that I finished the campaign of 1910 and that want to start again a new one but I remain stuck at 1910?
  2. Me the commanders on as important as the ships to the same because if one takes example for example of under blow there is my motorcycle during the preparation of the attack of Pearl Harbor, you will tell me that if there had not been the Admiral Yamamoto, there wouldn't have been this genius plan even if there is no aircraft carrier. I think that personally I find that the controls have their place historically in this game even if we can make ships of our choice, we can always make the Bismarck and put Admiral L├╝tjens and as for example to be able to put Yamamoto on the Yamato when we cre
  3. Me personally that the game allows you to build the ships that you want is the goal of the games but people will still make ships that we already exist so I find it really important to put admirals or captains who do exist. because I always said the ship is nothing, meaning its crews and its command
  4. Good morning all. I wanted to know will there be admirals like Isoroku Yamamoto, William F. Halsey, Wilhelm Marschall, because it would be nice to have admirals with special skills like for example better gun accuracy. better reloading and much more. In short we would have a hell of a game if he still adds the admirals or captains of each nation. tell me what you think and is it a good idea?
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