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  1. Does anyone know if guns of same calibre can shoot at more than one ship at a time? I've been playing around with one vs many scenarios so I festoon my battleships with many secondary's. When I'm between two enemies, I seem to notice that only one bank of 8" guns will fire, all while other bank of 8" ignores the enemy ship on its side. Is this actually the case? If so, I'll just have to change playstyle and also install many different guns when up against many small ships. Many thanks
  2. In the Naval Academy screen I inadvertently clicked in the difficulty icon and it changed to "Hard". Now I can't change it back to 'Standard" or "Easy". What is the key to change it? Thanks for an excellent game.
  3. Thankyou for great game. I line with some others may I also ask for * Option to save designs * Option to start designer with real world ships. With regards to building real world ships, weight of the base hull is way too high making real world ships impossible to build. * Add a "Fun mode" where weight and cost limits are greatly relaxed.. Thanks again for your great work, Ernst
  4. I'm trying to build real ships but one thing makes them beyond impossible; how much things weigh. The Yamato as an example, the 'game' Yamato is 90,000 tons when fitted to the 73,000 tons real world load out. The game hull limit was 80,000T hence unbuildable unless armour was reduced to half real world values. Can you please fix this as it's frustrating unable to build (and then tweak) the classics, especially WW2 Light and heavy cruisers. Perhaps a simple fix is to reduce the base weight of the empty hull when you start. Please consider this.... Please.. If possible,
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