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  1. I try to understand assets file, but it is not easy. I have use Notepad, which is probably not a good idea. Anyway, I cannot find where weapon is assigned to a specific brigade. I found weapon, but for desciption, not for assignation to brigade. Do you have any tips to help me please ? I didn't pay attention to that before ! This is nice. Yes, really. Thank you again !
  2. Hello, Firstly, thank you very much for your mod ! It is really really good ! Secondly, I have two questions : - Can we change rifle for historical battle (Antietam for example), as there are many Lorentz rifle currently (probably beacause of mod modififation) ? - Do you think a drop of morale linear to deaths could be possible ? It may reduce number of death as objective couldn't be defend at all cost. Anyway it could be more realistic (I don't think a brigade reduced by 50% will go back to fire easily). But I have the feeling AI will have difficulty to manage this, so it
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