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  1. I sadly think the Devs just don’t care about giving France new flags. And if they do so (in a 100 years), we will have to pay for it for sure 😏 Im tired of it
  2. And this is some counter revolutionary flags! Pretty savage too
  3. Enfin ! Car bon, les drapeaux français on les attends depuis un bon bout de temps ! Finally someone write again about it. The Devs could really listen to the French nation community. We need more flag. As for myself I really appreciate you flags you propose ! I already have seen the Rochefort flag in another post somewhere. As for myself I love the revolutionary flags! i know my proposal of flags, are not naval flags. But to be honest, 70% of the flags in the game, are not naval flags at all^^so I think we can consider them too! Let’s hope !
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