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  1. @pandakraut The main issue with Gettysburg is the lack of AI reinforcements for Pickett's charge. If you know what you're doing you wipe out the enemy on day 1 and hold the Union left on day 2 without much trouble. After those engagements, the enemy is just spent when it tries to attack the center. What's needed there is another 10k fresh infantry. I mean this happened in reality too. Two Divisions of Longstreets Corps arrived at the Third Day of the Battle ot attack the Union left and join the attack on in the Center. Another factor is scaling. As discussed at length, the AI ha
  2. I’ve seen no real improvements on performance. Once you have say 150 to 200 units in total on the map performance degrades. Anything smaller is fine. Maybe the new version gave me 5% to 10% better performance on those bigger engagements, but it’s not a noticeable difference. Yeah so Gettysburg. No changes there, the battle remains a joke on legendary. Potentially because the AI had bad reinforcement rolls after Chancellorsville and had maybe 70k on the Army Camp screen. I did a quick, unoptimized playthrough with duplications turned on again – the enemy deployed some 90k infantry total.
  3. @pandakraut Yeah sure. Camp before battle. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ftaiZdMUC5zPuJ6nkoJMKzY6qge3-1qC/view?usp=sharing Just ignore the Lt. Generals, as said i messed with the Multipliers. -------------- Sorry for the long post. Yeah so. You just can't beat Chancellorsville playing fair. But I beat it without duplications. It's considerable easier, but after I played the battle three times in a row, you know what's what anyway. In my last attempt I destroyed the enemy completely on day 2. The only red units left on the map were Cavalry units. I'm s
  4. @pandakraut https://imgur.com/aTRfAIK 1.27.2 duplications off I'll share some of my experience later. What a battle.
  5. @pandakrautlate reply but Officer Experience: Yea I already played with those multipliers. Worked like a charm. Battles Led: I definitely move officers and units around a lot. I checked and it seems to work as indicated. I guess it’s fine if you know what’s going on. Charges: I’m definitely guilty of pretty rigorously building for ranged combat. My average Melee stat was ~29 at Chancellorsville. Thing is, I don’t think I had much choice. My infantry already came across as pretty weak as explained previously, I felt like I had to push Accuracy and Reload Times come
  6. So yeah, a quick update from Chancellorsville - i decided to play it, but i run into the same bug as at 2nd Bull Run. This time its gamebreaking. I pretty much annihilate the enemy on day 2. I doubt he has more than 20k infantry left on the map and most definitely no artillery. On day three however, the enemy respawns again with no less than 55k infantry and 300 (!) guns. Again including many units already killed before. Espeically the freaking 1.2k artillery units. There's just no way this can be countered on Chancellorsville day 3. I'm still in decent shape - 82k infantry, 500 guns
  7. Thank you for the response, some more feedback. Officer experience gains is just too slow for me. Limiting the number of higher ranked officers is a good idea, but with your settings, I’m just ending up with an army led by Colonels for most of the Campaign. I’d prefer brigades being led by, well, brigadiers, but it’s looking like I’d need to advance past Gettysburg to make that happen. Playstyles vary of course, so maybe I’m just not that into maximizing experience gains. I take it the ‘Battles Led’ has no impact on anything? I do switch officers around quite a lot. At Chancellorsvil
  8. Hey So i’ve been playing the J&P mod for the very first time. I’m enjoying it so far, but I have noticed some annoying oddities. Union Legendary on JP 1.27.1a - I’m up to 2nd Bull Run 1) Officer experience gain As this is my first run with the JP mod, I don’t know if its intended, but officer promotions are glacial slow. I fought all the way through Malvern Hill and ended up with only about 10 Brigadier Generals and no Major Generals. I can get officers to full bird Colonels reasonably fast but not beyond. I (temporarily) adjusted the officer experience settings in the
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