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  1. October 24,1944 From: Commander, Task Force 58.2.4 To: Commander Task Force 58 Fwd: Commander US 7th Fleet Headquarters Pearl Harbor USTHWI Fwd: CINCPACFLT Headquarters Pearl Harbor USTHWI Subj: After action report, engagement of Japanese Southern Quarter Force, Japanese Mobile Fleet Battleships USS West Virginia, USS Maine and USS Montana (Mains 18", 16". Secondaries 8" and 5") And Heavy Cruisers Boston, Bremerton and Portland (8"mains, 5" secondaries and four battery torpedo launchers) Engaged Japanese Southern Quarter force consisting of.... Battleships: S
  2. How about at some point incorporating modern ideas like bulkhead sloping and deck slope into battleship designs like what a battleship would look and behave like if it were designed after the Zumwalt or the Metcaff strike ship designs?
  3. All ships launched in 1938.... This morning HMS Agamemnon (15inch mains, 14 inch mains, 13 inch secondaries and 5 inch secondaries) and the battlecruiser HMS Ocean (nine 16 inch mains and 5 inch 3 inch secondaries) engaged the Jerry battleship KGM Hessen (14 inch mains, 8 inch secondaries) and the battlecruiser Tannenberg (15 inch mains, 5 inch secondaries) at a starting range of 18 KM with the closest close range of 11.5 KM. Accuracy fire on Hessen with continued hits was attained at 35 minutes into the fight. KGM Hessen was sunk after 45 minutes of engagement by combined gunfire wh
  4. I guess both ships tried that during the actual Chesapeake fight but they couldn't get a proper alignment and weren't that fast to make any real damage. I can imagine watching the fight from Sules Point must have been like watching paint dry.
  5. Let's hear some "After Action" reports from people with detailed descriptions of your tactics, victories and loses, ships involved and so forth.
  6. Bring in the PT 109 class! I want to try some fast attack! Imagine the PT boats with modern turbo fan engines?!
  7. The Yamato design suffered from one weakness. The Japanese didn't weld the Citadel, they riveted it. Basically the Yamato's were oversized Titanics doomed to fail. When you look at how they ended up compared to say the Nagato or the Kirishima, their failed design is obvious.
  8. There will be one last internment this year. A former crewman's remains will be brought to Hawaii around June 2021 and he will be the last one placed in the hull. The cable line used by divers to do all internments will then be cut free from Arizona to be placed in the exhibits at the Pacific war museum. Honestly? I wish the Arizona memorial was closed to tourists so the ship and crew could be left in peace to return to dust from which they came. I think the memorial is treated more like a tourist trap now.
  9. Very pleased with the progress and playability thus far! Can't wait for a Juttland style combat to blow up some British cruisers!
  10. Why only enemy, when your own ships do the same it doesn't bother you? Quite right there school teacher.
  11. For a life long Navy man....yes it was worth the purchase. My only complaint so far is that as you reduce the graphics down to fast, you lose seeing torpedo wakes in the water but love the challenge. And yes, I'm willing to be patient because the game is still growing.
  12. I would like Battleship spotter planes at the least.
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