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  1. I would like Battleship spotter planes at the least.
  2. Why do damaged enemy ships continue to fire their guns when the angle of their list makes any possibility to hit a target impossible? A serious list should stop the enemy from firing.
  3. I support this idea of crew mechanics.
  4. Not that it hasn't been difficult so far to figure out.
  5. At what point will we see a PDF manual?
  6. How short sighted so many people were after WWII to keep all these museum ships in the salt water. Constitution can do it because she's re-planked every 10 years. You can't "re-plank" expensive steel hulls. Every museum warship in the US is on borrowed time unless they are permanently drydocked.
  7. https://b-ok.cc/book/3332272/ce6211 Battleship gunnery 20th Century battleship : free download. Ebooks library. On-line books store on Z-Library (b-ok.cc) Destroyer battles : epics of naval close combat | Robert C. Stern | download (b-ok.cc)
  8. Fleet Tactics and Coastal Combat, 2nd Edition | Wayne P. Hughes Jr. | download (b-ok.cc) The Naval Warfare of World War II: The History of the Ships, Tactics, and Battles that Shaped the Fighting in the Atlantic and Pacific | Charles River Editors | download (b-ok.cc) https://b-ok.cc/book/3426588/d416e0 Kygun, Tactics of the Imperial Japanese Navy https://b-ok.cc/book/5702077/52778c Naval Strategy of WWI
  9. The AI system is probably work in progress so for now I "de-div" my ships and control them individually.
  10. You're right, even with good electro-hydraulics a ship's max swing is usually 40 degrees at best.
  11. How's this for an indicator?
  12. What is "forward rudder"? You mean rudder amidships? If so I agree it could be better displayed. Rudder centered. How about displaying degrees from 0 to full 90? Change the display to 0.....22........45.......67.....90
  13. I did better with the Minamoto CA's than with my Ayoyama BB's against the Russians set in the 1940's
  14. Please vote for one or more missions which remain overly difficult for you. The missions of the list are those that were previously reported as very hard. Feel free to complain about the reasons you find a mission very hard. The mission you complain can be out of this list. Monitor against Virginia is very difficult but the number of times I've pulled a dead draw is about accurate to the event. Unless you get a good shot to damage rudders, shafts or engines both these ships were hard to kill for their time.
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