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  1. The sea 1) Sometimes, the waves are in long straight lines, especially when viewed from a high angle. Is there any way to randomise them? 2) Ships with low freeboard (especially destroyers and torpedo boat destroyers) look as if they are semi-submerged. I think that the problem is that there are insufficient graphics for foam. If more was added, especially when waves broke over the bows of a ship, the visual improvement would be dramatic. Other stuff a) When smoke is reported on the horizon, could we please see some smoke? Coal burning ships kicked out massive amounts o
  2. Given that even wargames with accurate ORBATS and dispositions are most unlikely to achieve exactly the same result in a battle or campaign - especially at sea - it can be fairly stated that all wargames are historically based, as opposed to being historically accurate. However, judging by some of the comments on these forums, there is a very real demand for historic ships and battles to be included. It would certainly be easy enough for you to do. I take your point that in a game of this sort, precise accuracy is impossible. However, that really wouldn't be needed as long as the appearanc
  3. Okay, I have these warships, each of which has a number of strengths and weaknesses. According to best intelligence, the enemy has (or is likely to have) those warships, with a different number of strengths and weaknesses. All I have to do is to come up with a plan to defeat the enemy, right? Erm… no. Not only does this particular game let me select the ships I need, but it also allows me to build each one from the keel up. let’s start with what I like about the game. Designing ships and then testing them in battle is a wonderful selling point; moreover, one which should attract naval
  4. Ink, Thanks for replying. What confused me was the 1940 latest date on the custom battle screen. A lot of modern stuff is now available, with more in the pipeline, such as 19 and 20" uber-ordnance, but the game makers haven't got around to upping the date by a few years which would surely reflect the technology better. HMS Vanguard was the last British BB and she was put on the reserve list in 1955. Would (say) 1948 be a better cut-off date? My testing continues. Pongo de Mer
  5. I am running v 2.44 of the game. I have checked out the blog and YouTube and discovered that there are later versions of the game. What I cannot find is where to download them from. Can anyone send me the link? Thanks in advance, Pongo de Mer.
  6. Shaitan, I finally nailed the Monitor, and it was something similar to your floating monstrosity that did it. Thanks, Pongo de Mer
  7. It's not just me who's had trouble with the mission then!! 😮
  8. I have fought this mission close up with 8" guns in the casemates. I have fought it at range with plunging fire using 2 x 10" guns, 8" bow chasers and 5" popguns in the casemates. I have fought with standard and heavy shells and I have experimented with the propellents available to me. None of this has done any good at all. About the only thing I haven't tried is ramming. Can anyone tell me how to win this battle? Thanks in advance, Pongo de Mer
  9. It is impossible to change the difficulty level back from difficult to normal. After reporting the problem, I uninstalled the game completely and reinstalled the game from scratch. It made no difference. I think that my game details must be on an external server because I deleted every file and folder connected with the game. When I reinstalled it, the record of the tutorial scenarios I had played were still there. Can anybody help? Pongo de Mer
  10. Panic over. I turned off my PC and restarted it. Everything now works fine. Many thanks, Pongo De Mer
  11. Hello everyone, I bought the game yesterday, and this is my first post on this forum. Could the designers please add a slider to reduce/eliminate the shell flight graphics in the Options/Graphics screen? In my opinion (only) the existing shell flight graphics are a bit too arcade-like. No doubt, I will have more suggestions for the team to accept or discard as I progress with the game. Having said that, please accept my congratulations. Ranging from the first ironclads to the final post WW2 BBs, this has to be the most versatile game on the market. I look forward to many hou
  12. When I attempt to start the game, I get an error message saying 'Another instance of launcher client already exist.' Please tell me what to do to get the game to run. I am running Naval Action on Steam, but that shouldn't be causing the problem should it? Thanks in advance.
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