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  1. Well, after Tsushima ships striking the colours were a rarity. On the other hand I can see a point where a CO would abandon ship to save the crew. As Andrew Lambert once pointed out to me (it was a discussion about HMS Repulse sticking to the sinking HMS Prince of Wales instead of abandoning the scene): a ship can be built faster than a good crew can be trained. In the campaign that should be a critical decision both for players and AI...
  2. I think, but not 100% sure that the latter (I assume you are talking of the Type 21 RN frigate), involved the dad of one of my classmates in PhD school... 😅 Said that, I disagree with Skesis about the AI being rough but good... I still have to see a competent design after the pre-dreadnought period. Templates are becoming a necessity (and to be quite honest they are also a logical step, after all templates is how naval architecture works in broad sense). As far historical movies are concerned... Both agree and disagree. I agree with the latter statement, disagr
  3. Issue with divisions: does issuing a division Screen orders allow the ship to avoid torpedoes? My screening destroyers appeared to literally run into them.
  4. Quick note on the hot-fix. I have menu and buttons blurred now.
  5. unrelated... if you are commander Reed... why you have Ryker pic? ST fan too and I agree it would be nice to have one... but here is for warships not starships! 😀
  6. Is not a super BB problem... it the problem that currently the AI is incapable to design a decent Dreadnought... look at the miracle of AI engineering (BB vs BC mission): Now this spectacular failure had only two 11" twin turret, a mass of 10", and then 7", 6", 4", 3", 2"... if you call it a dreadnought... it was a quite poor semi-dread in my book. Note, my BC just kept at long range and pounded it. Current AI is incapable to design modern ship, despite his early one being acceptable. And I am not talking about the funnels. To be quite hones the AI has a penchant for mixed calibe
  7. Here are my last adversaries in Power of the Dreadnought... the secondary (shielded) turret on a barbette is a must... as the line of secondaries on the side... basically can the AI design a dreadnought?
  8. Well, no screen here... but my AI had built a dreadnought with at least 5 different calibers... (Naval academy Power of the Dreadnought). I distinctly remember Andrew Lambert, Norman Friedman, Howard Fuller and myself talking about dreadnought having basically a single caliber main gun... also twin centerline turrets and triple side ones... In y dream land the AI would pick from historical designs rather than attempt its worst in post-modern warship design... That would solve a lot of issue on Naval Academy, possibly even in custom battle. Wondering about the campaign... but ag
  9. Have you ever been in a CiC during an action? I was in a Type 23's one for a simulated action, and basically the whole job of the CiC crew is to hold the CO's hand to allow him to make informed decision. I have friends who had done this for real in 1982... Now in a simulation like Admirals I do not expect having voice reports continually flowing to me (also because I can jump between ships and divisions), but their net effect provided to me, that means tracking spotted torpedo, having a map overlay providing heading and bearing of enemy spotted contacts and so on. For a lot of th
  10. I do not find marking spotted torpedoes gamey. After all there will be specific crewmen detailed to this task and to keep a track of them. Of course torpedo spotting distances must be realistic. What I find arcadey is the need to scour the map to spot torpedoes right now. Considering this is a simulation of command rather than skippering focusing on tactics and management rather than 'driving' is appropriate. Certainly the way to appease everyone (for once it appears possible) is to provide selectable elements of realism and difficulty. Still concerned about the lack of simultaneou
  11. Downloaded the new alpha, and played with it a bit... I see some improvements coming but I have still some perplexities on formations. Switching from line ahead to line abreast is still weird. There should be the option to perform simultaneous and sequential turns. Scout and screen seems better, it would be even nicer if you can set a screen/scout primary direction. Maneuvers: option to order a division to make evasive maneuvers automatically option to order full rudder course changes even in auto plotting. UI: still not 100% sure of it. Two things I would appreciate.
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