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  1. do you have to complete the naval academy to play the campaign?
  2. During the war, your fleets will engage enemy forces stationed in the same sea region via the Battle Generator System. This system generates missions by evaluating several strategic factors, influenced by the composition of the fleet, the operational range of the ship and naval technologies. In those generated missions, which range from small convoys raids to large fleet actions, you can take part and directly control your ships against the enemy. This is written for the campaign missions ... I don't know if I understand what you mean because I use a translator, however it seems far from
  3. Penso che arriverà oggi I hope
  4. just a small criticism to Nick Thomadis: in my opinion you have to lose "the habit" of saying "we'll give you more news SOON" because it doesn't make sense soon, it could be in a week or in a month, anyway thanks a lot for the news I hope that you will not be silent for another month
  5. Oh yes! Finally an update, we needed it thanks a lot
  6. Non posso aspettare!!!!! Sono davvero felice che l'intera flotta possa essere personalizzata!
  7. also Stealth made a video about this, please communicate with the community, even just with one blog a week as other people have said in which you say what you have done or the problems encountered; I think everyone would like it
  8. when do you think it will come out? Before September or after?
  9. Guys, sorry for the silence. The campaign is ongoing, and that's the main thing we do now. The game is certainly not dead. The version you play is stable, so what remains a top priority for us is to provide you with the next Core patch which will include the first version of the campaign and many other features you have requested. When we have finished what we deem essential, we will provide all the necessary information and of course we will make the patch available. this is the latest update I think
  10. sorry for the english but i used google translate
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