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  1. I have read a little bit about Trincomalee. She was used around 1850 as a corvette. Of course she was build earlier as a Leda class, but when she was recommisoned (hope it's the right word) she received a new (for that time modern) stern. So actually the stern of the ingame Trincomalee is from 1850. Isn't that way to modern for Naval Action?
  2. Hey guys, Your new website looks really cool, much more information. It makes the game more appealing to people who visit the website first time. But one thing I have to mention here: where's the button to access the forum? Am I blind?
  3. That depends of course how easy and fast you can get a SoL. I hope it will be a lot of work and lots of hours gaming to get one or a second rate. Another Idea might be, that you only get the big ones when you are in a clan (let's call it a fleet. Clan sounds dumb). If I am right, no pirate, no single independent captain, merchantman or freeboter had a 3rd/2nd/1st rate ship. And no lone wolf would try to fuck with SoL of a fleet
  4. I noticed that I don't have the permission to most of the images attached to a post. "You do not have permission to view this image"It happens to almost every image I want to enlarge. The miniature image I can see.
  5. Hornblower the tv series was suggested. I highly recommend the movie "Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N." from 1951.
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