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  1. YEAAAAHHHH!!! FIVE HUNDRED REPUTATION POINTS! I WASTED MY F****** LIFE! Just four hundred and thirty more points and I well catch up to Marshall99 .
  2. So with the patch coming out at some point next week which Nations are ya'll gonna pick? I'm gonna pick (if it wasn't obvious already) the German Empire.
  3. ......So am I the only one who's actually looking forward to the first part of the campaign? Sure it doesn't have everything they advertised but I wasn't expecting it to have everything out of the gate. (especially since that would probably be a massive buggy mess) I'm more than willing getting the campaign piece by piece so we can "judge it" piece by piece instead all at once. Now I'm not ok with the lack of communication but that doesn't mean they don't listen. I remember the 20inch guns and British super BBs discussions and I was apart of the group who wanted that stuff and was very happy w
  4. It's funny I attempted to build this ship two hours ago and couldn't do it. So I was think I really wish this ship was in the game. My prayers have been answered.
  5. (returns from exams) What in the hell happened here?
  6. Your right we can't. BUT THAT STOP ME FROM WINNING!
  7. I highly doubt we would ever have to fight a fleet that size because: a. I'm pretty sure the game can't handle it, b. It would be border line impossible to command all those ships and c. we are not real Admirals. I have a hard time making a sandwich you expect me to command 150 ships?
  8. Oh my God I thought I was the only one who was being bugged by that. Another thing that bothers me is that none of the ships windows has glass. Just add some glass it doesn't even need to be see through just add some bloody glass.
  9. It's ok lad. I've been through the same thing before. Your studies are much more important than the game. Also screw the teacher for not giving you the info.
  10. Getting hit in the same area let's say the bow would most likely get blown off.
  11. You know for awhile now I was wondering how Officers and Commanders while work. Like is it going to be like WOWS were we can pick certain skills or will each personnel gonna have their own unique skills (also like WOWS Jesus Christ).
  12. Well the captain is dead in this case but come on man you spent a whole twenty minutes to design your ship you really on abandon it?
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