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  1. Hello, I am running Alpha 7, hotfix 75 as of today. Previously I've had no issues with this game. Upon re-installing (I had removed it to make space for other things) and making sure to use the most recent Alpha Version, I have the following issue: Upon mission end (either victory or failure - same result) when selecting "OK" (mission success) or "Retry"/"Design Ship"/"I can't remember the 3rd option" (mission failure) the game hangs. There is an audible click/noise when selecting one of the options, as one would expect. You can "click" on the gear cog in upper right corner, but nothing happens. Task manager doesn't indicate any isssues Game will stay on the mission end screen indefinitely (last attempt was 10 mins before I selected end program in task manager) Log file(s) are in my dropbox here System info: Windows 10 pro x64 i7 - 3720 @ 2.60 GHz 32GB RAM NVidia 2GB Please let me know if you require any further information. Thanks
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