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  1. I have made some pretty big updates. TOC now looks like this: Entering the World - First Steps Basics - I - The Port Basics - II - Map and Sea Basics - III - Combat and Sailing Basics - IV - Levelling Guide Basics - V - Perks Guide Basics - VI - Outposts, Tows, Looting and More Making Money - I - Basics Making Money - II - Trading Making Money - III - Other Methods Ships - I - How to Evaluate Them Ships - II - Build Examples Ships - III - Equipment Ships -
  2. With the wiki and many of our guides becoming outdated, I've put up a new one (Posted over on Steam) which will hopefully answer many of the questions facing new players. I will be adding more content but for now it includes sections on: Nation Selection First Steps Basic Guidance on Port/Sea screens and the Map Combat and Sailing Levelling Making Money Evaluating Ships and sample recommended builds for current meta Equipping ships Solo vs Clan play DLC content guide [Note - Steam has been experiencing issues the past week on its
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