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  1. With the Barbary Wars chapter back out as DLC I was just wandering if there were any major changes to the campaign planned before release and if it is possibly under consideration for future additions to the Napoleonic Wars section of the campaign for missing ships such as Temeraire(Redoutable) and a 90 gun second rate for the British fleet at Trafalgar and other battles against the French navy, and if not if we may possibly see them later on in a DLC campaign addition.
  2. I just want to start off by saying I'm a big fan of this game and while I haven't played in alittle while as I wait for more updates to drop, I've really enjoyed the campaigns as they are. One thing I feel is missing from the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars part of the British campaign however, is the presence of ships such as the Temeraire class and a more accurate representation of the Barfluer class ship of the line. Naval Action already has several great models which can be used, such as: Redoutable: for the generic temeraire class to give the french fleets
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