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  1. Sorry to strongly disagree with you. I am not out to date, I play this game from 1890 -1910. And in this area you have no freedom, there is only one choice of hull and superstructure are always at the same point. For a ship building game it is absolutely not as advertise currently. Try the 1st basics missions just for the freedom of it. Yes for many game you have to begin with almost the same stuffs. But this is a ship building game not WOW. We should have at the beginning plenty or choosing, direction to go with. I follow this game and forum since alpha 5, my critics are valid and i
  2. The point is not about the mssings hulls or only the campaign, but the game in is total. I am here since alpha 5 and because I was hooked by a good promo. They still advertise this game as a Dreadnought builder and fleets manager in a free style campaign (from 1880 to 1940). We are far from that! The builder is repetitive, and without freedom in placement and design. The focus in the last 5 updates was only with super ships, impossible guns and WW2 area, the campaign will cover way more! (I hope). My point is, in a campaign we tend to play and replay the first part way often than the fini
  3. You are right, in this current form this game as focus only in this ending. All the begining period, 1870 and more is nearly non-existant... Try to build a Pre-Dreadnought or a cruiser from every nations (1890-1900) it is exactly the same hulls, super-structures and placement. For a ship-builder game as promoted, this is repetitive and without any freedom.
  4. Yes I look forward for the campaign, but could we have some ETA for the next patch? Are we waiting in days, weeks or months ?
  5. Thanks, and can we have some sort of ETA for this next update? Days ? ... few weeks .... hope not months ?
  6. Looking forward to next week! Hope you will also address the lack of ships from the 1880-1910 area. Still in the campaign, those would be the most important years. As we will focus to build or fleet and economics. Super-BB will only be there for the last few years, so I hope the Dreadnought area will shown as the main focus of this game. Crew mechanic have change a lot of thing for me, giving deep to this game and solve some of the issues for the campaign! A more experience crew will change everything!
  7. Again Thanks very much, it is exactly the communication we need. Look forward to tomorrow!
  8. Saddly the experience with this game is delays and delays, often there is around 3 month gap between update. I hope this time it will be way less! If we have the core 1 before december I will be surprise.
  9. We were demanding more communication and precision. This is exactly that! Thanks very much for keeping us inform. This is exactly the kind of communication we need! To know what is going ! Again thanks very much!
  10. Yes crew is a good news and save design also. BUT there is no campaign! If I undestand correctly "In a few days" is for this half-patch ... for when the full core-patch 1? And more concerning: all the hull are from the recend periode again super/mega battleship. There is absolutly nothing for the 1890 and more. So nothing for the 30th first years of the game!
  11. Monday, but it was labor day ... maybe tomorrow ?
  12. The campaign will begin in 1890, hopefully sooner like -1880, so if there is some hulls do add, it is from this time periode. The focus should be the Dreadnought area instead of the super-battleship. In any campaign, maybe the goal will be to have the 1st super/mega battleship. BUT most of our time and the real planning will be with those pre-dreadnought and dreadnought.
  13. Like you said, I want to stay positive and I am, thanks for the 1st campaign core. BUT .... Ultimate Admiral Dreadnought and only super-battleship! Like many campaign games, we will play and replay the 1st part over and over. As proposed the game should focus, as in title and promo indicated, on the 1880 - 1920 dreadnought area. I was hoping to see more ships from the begining 1880 even some armored fregate and developping to the Dreadnoughts. In any case, great news! hope it will arrive soon!
  14. We are at mid-years and no news from the devs, no campaign in the horizon .... sad very sad
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