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  1. I am please with the campaign so far. 3 MUST for me so far: 1 Manage you fleet before a battle: we should be able to do our own formation. Also, having a type of Task force, choosing witch ship will sortie together, so we can have a group of ship we know will fight and not a single BB again 6 tb! 2 Tech tree should be more precise, We should have to chose more precisely what we develop, example, focus on 2 inch and not developing the 3 inch etc or the 11 inch instead of the 10 or 12 (A national Caliber!). Also, It should evolve faster, to have a technologies race, and having to
  2. this kind of comment serve nothing, Colonelhenry assessment is ok.a TB is the size of a regular semi-truck. At 500m it is very hard to miss. Even without a good crew and equipment, it is obvious at this close distance accuracy was way better than what we have in the game. Secondaries should be good to deal with 1 or 2 TB. Escort from CL would have been necessary again a fleet of TB.
  3. Accuracy at low range is not good at all. The secondary batteries should be a good defense again a lone TB or 2. It is absolutely not the case. 0.7 km, 2 knots at only 7% change! At 1 km and less it should be a dead zone trying to approach a capital ship. Currently it is easy to build only TB and sink everything. Main and secondary need to be way more deadly at very close range (1km and less). It is very bizarre to see a CA trying to miss every shot at a CL at 500m. Other thing, the AI do not build anything, there is only the spawn fleet and never any others ship seems build?
  4. Thanks very much for the good communication. We often said that we understood delays bump and change on Alpha game, if the devs kept us inform. So thanks and look forward to tomorrow!
  5. Quote of the day: "Today is a good day to update!" -Mr.Worf
  6. Thanks to you very much for the update, I am convince all of us understand you are very busy and none of us will take offense if you do not answer all questions ! We only hope for some news once a week or too like that! Great and looking forward to next week! Thanks again!
  7. I am 100% with you on this. It is why I continue to follow and post on this matter. The communication is the problems, not the works of the devs. I totally remember when it was all for 20inch, quad and mega-ship if not photon torpedos. We were only few to voice again that. They listen at the time, they still listen today. When I bought this game, I was totally hooked by the video, having the chance of building, my ships, my fleets and more! Top of that, in a non-ww2 area! No one focus on the iron-age period. I still have hope for a very good games, if they re-focus on the core of wha
  8. Focus is not all over the place, focus is on WW2 area and mega ship gun etc... Again is this update we will have new engine choice from the post ww2 area... I thing we will have a Warp-core before some pre-dread.... Do not forget the name of this game: UA Dreadnought.
  9. yes, but at beginning we should have plenty of choice of style, placement, looks of ship etc. and those choice should influence all our campaign. Example, chose between 2 or 3 inch for small gun, and focus your recherche,supplies. on this caliber
  10. Do not forget we have not much from 1890 -1910... and usually the 1st stage of a game is the one we will play the most! try to build a ship from 1890 area, totally repetitive and boring
  11. Maybe it is my Canadian stereotype to stay polite and positif!
  12. Just want to stay positif and have them realized most of the critics they seen come from the lack of communication and not directed at there works
  13. For my parts Thanks for the info and the new patch. I perfectly understand delays, bumps and change to a roadmaps. This ok to have this kind of update in a Alpha game. 2 concerns: A- Why focusing on no-German / British hulls when they will not play in this patch? B-No Hulls from 1890-1910 ... sad! 1 critic: All the negative in this forum came from the absence of communication. So please, keep us inform. Have a post once a week just saying hello and where you are.
  14. Well tomorrow is Monday, It is a good day for great news ? or It is a good day to die !
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