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  1. Thanks for the reply, Cptbarney. I'm also looking forward to an improved version of Warship Gunner 2. I am. Because Koei probably won't be making a sequel anymore. Apart from that, there are two other things I'd like to see improved. Firstly, the warships that are automatically generated in "Custom Battle" do not look like the ships of the country. The bridge is always the same, even though it's a Japanese, American or Italian cruiser hazmat, and the ship is always provided with a bridge that doesn't resemble the design of the country's navy. The Italians were buildi
  2. First of all, please understand that I am Japanese, so my English is not very good and that makes it difficult for me to reply. The game coalminer cites as an example is a game created by Koei in Japan. It's called "Warship Gunner 2". I basically think we should be able to design warships like this game, and we should be able to design our warships at will. This is because when designing warships, setting too many requirements makes it difficult to design special ships like the Die Admiral Graf Spee. For this reason, we think that the smokestacks and bridges of warships should
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