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  1. I would like to add a "prebattle" screen in step one where you can sett upp your divisions. (posibly limited by your technologies) i hate that i have to start many battles with shuffling ships around and getting a good formation. (this ofcourse should not happen in case of an ambush battle ) Edit: even better. the posibility to save presett formations.
  2. Two small sugestions. 1) solve the Barbette issue by not having barbettes separate, instead have gun and barbette as a single unit. så you select gunzize then number in turret, then "normal/superfiering/doublesupperfiering. this way you can handle both visual and weight calculations better. 2) for uss that dont spend every waking hour reading upp about historical ships. could you place some mouse over popupp with historical info to compliment the raw data for different parts (especially hulls) Stuff like years it was used, Ship types you can build from this (like was used in sh
  3. two sugestions first a point about fore/ aft inbanance. as we cant move around the internals as real designers could. then we could instead create a "acceptable inbanance" flr each hull. This is the inbanance of armour and weponry that can be handled with moving things around inside the ship and it is only when that number is maxed out that the "real inbanance starts. you cound even apply some small penalties in cost/weight for the internal inbalance (representing more complex piping ect) second a point about barbettes. cant we incorperate the whole system in the guns pl
  4. would it be possible to have a mode where you saw both metric and imperial numbers for things lika armour and gun calibers ? i dont do conversions in my head quickly and when you play around with designs from different countries (basicly making something and comparing to both say german and US designs.) its tedious to change forward and back. yes i know it will take upp losts of screan realestate but somtimes it would be preferable.
  5. Just a quick question. is there a "standard" for the width to length of shells for naval artilery ? When i look at different pictures they all seem to be resonabely simmilar but i cant find any talk about why or the effects of whorter/longer shells. Anyone that can iluminate me ?
  6. The best would be all of the options above. for each mission select "Historical" :Same ship every time and you can examine all ships ahead of time "Variant" Resonabely same ship and you can examine allied fleets ahead of time "wild" you have no idea. (maby option to examine allied fleets ahead of time.)
  7. One small issue i dont know if it should count as feedback or sugestion so i will dropp it here. After a scenario is won/lost. can we get a screen with the results. Stuff like list of ships with the posibility to look at each of them and se what happend. (damage taken/given ect) And of course the ability so save this info localy. this would realy help you when working on harder missions or playing around with different designs.
  8. A minor thing. Have more finegrained tonage for smaler ships. 100 tons increment is fine for Cruisers and above. but when you design torpedo boats you should be able to have 10 ton increments.
  9. One thing we should add is the ability to place secondary rangefinders on turrets with the effect of less loss off accuracy if the main rangefinder is broken. many larger ships had them on one of a pair of turrets.
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