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  1. OBSOLETE SHIPS: it would be great to start in 1890 with the existing fleets (or similar): this would give the choice to modernize old stuff (low quality at limited cost), or decide what to do with things like USS Texas, RN Duilio, or even with old central battery frigates: some of them were used as coastal defense ships, and in some cases kept alive up to ww1.
  2. I agree: guys take your time and don't feel compelled with the early release: better a perfect game a touch later. BTW I would like to add among the wanted themes the colouring schemas of the 1890's: black hulls, white and yellow, etc.
  3. would be great to have fore-aft guns without shield, as usual by that time in many cases
  4. Hi people, the product seems simply great, and I can't wait for steam, and I am tempted to get the Early Access release. But as the first half of 2020 is basically going to an end I am supposed to pay it again if you don't release it in steam in the next 20 days? Thanks! Carlo
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