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  1. Good news! Thank you for sharing, Nick
  2. Hey there @Slipshot! The game is not on Steam yet. Nobody has a Steam key so far. All access is exclusively through the Xsolla launcher. A Steam Early Access launch is scheduled in a few months.
  3. Oh, my apologies. The game is not on Steam yet - the release is scheduled around late autumn. You should have Xsolla launcher access though.
  4. Additionally, for fog of war's sake, I think it would be interesting to have an option to hide certain information about the enemy ships (such as its detailed damage state). This would provide the players with a more realistic challenge, and force them to visually identify and guesstimate its damage from looks alone, just like in reality.
  5. I think more content for all ships is inevitable anyhow, down the line (probably just before release, as the mechanics take precedence at this point). I don't think wanting more hulls and superstructures at this point at the expense of improving core game mechanics is a good idea, in my opinion (that being said, the more hulls and superstructures, the better). Adding corvettes, however, would bring some fresh air to the entire gameplay loop, allowing for more strategy options, and make for a more realistic experience. Those ships did exist, and indeed, were indispensable - the game w
  6. I think (and hope) that treaties will appear in the campaign as dynamic events, much like in Rule the Waves. For this reason (being a dynamic campaign event), they are not hardcoded, allowing you to design ships at your leisure without being bound by the treaty. That's at least my interpretation.
  7. Hey, if you bought the Standard edition, you'll be receiving your key next Wednesday by e-mail.
  8. I'm afraid with the current delays and so late in the development process, it's not very likely we'd get all those ship types (although it would be nice to see). I however think that implementing a single new 'corvette' class would encompass many ships' roles, as outlined above, making it a worthwhile pursuit in the long run.
  9. Hello, I have been thining about how spotting could be improved in the game. Currently, once an enemy is spotted, the ship needs to identified in order to see the exact specs. However, a player can easily scroll the camera to the enemy's position, and visually check the ship's class, armament (many players recognize the gun's size from the turret's design by heart), or potential torpedo threat. I think this is something of an exploit, which limits the benefits of actually having to identify a ship first. Even though the player's lookouts have only completed their identification
  10. Hello Admirals and Developers! I approach you today with a suggestion to implement additional ship classes into the game, which I feel are missing and would benefit the game significantly, especially when campaign rolls around. My observations are somewhat based on the Rule the Waves model, which I believe has been a significant inspiration behind the development of UA:D as well. 1) Corvettes A general utility vessel of small displacement is missing in the game, I feel - to simplify, let's call it a Corvette. In reality, these ships were the workhorses of the navies, without whi
  11. Workshop would be awesome and boost the game's lifespan. AFAIK the developers said they'll consider it after full release. Personally I hope for custom ship parts or even custom nations, not just sharing saved designs. That'd be a huge waste.
  12. Dev team is small, but Game Labs is not - they're working on a bunch of games at the same time. There may be a problem with managing resources somewhere in there... Meanwhile, take a look at upcoming Sea Power - the dev team, to my knowledge, is 3 people - and they manage basic dev diaries just fine. I just want to make clear we're not blaming UA:D developers, its not technically their job, but someone up there in the 'chain of command' should take notice and give them a PR person or something.
  13. That's how RTW handles it, I imagine it won't be much different. To my knowledge, however, it does not usually kill off your heavies. You may see a 'battleship torpedoed in port, has to spend X months in dock for repairs' rather than 'your fleet's sunk, lol'. Smaller shipping and especially merchants however will probably be kills.
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