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  1.   On 12/22/2018 at 9:47 AM, MarkShot said:


    I have played your mods for RTW1 and STW2.

    I only saw your departure notice as I was a late comer to the TW series.

     I have been on the Madminute Games team that did Take Command and Scourge of War.  I have been on the Command Ops team which did:  HTTR, COTA, BFTB (WWII realtime operational combat), and I was an investor and team member of AGEOD which did:  AACW and ACW2 (and many others).  I must say I am really impressed with what you have here.

     It got it for $9 USD, but at $30 without bloodsucking DLC for each battle ... it is a gem.  I have been learning the ropes playing Bull Run/1st. Manasas.  I have been having a panic.  What a joy.  Maybe Robert E. Lee was wrong when he said, " It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it."

    I wish you all the success.  Take CA down a peg or two!

    Merry Christmas.

    It's only now I put all the ends together myself and learned that Nick is Darthmod! :D After learning that I googled your name and read some articles I could find. I'm impressed!

    I used to play the TW series up to Rome (I remember mostly RTR, EB and offcourse Darthmod, duh!), but I ended up ignoring the series thereafter. Mostly because I couldn't bear the wait for the community to help "improve" the, in my eyes, lacklustre vanilla-game. Blatant historical flaws (too many for me to enjoy the games anyway, there's a limit to flavouring/spicing things up for gameplay, or there should be!) and a battle and campaign-AI that even my granny could beat. I've been a big fan of Ageod and Phillipe his work ever since, to stay within the same niche-genre (and to some extent of Paradox, at least before they became this heavy wallet/DLC oriented, they had a great modding community as well, I'm using had because I no long follow them). On a side note, Stardock made some truly marvellous games as well.

    But, it was only about a week or so I discovered about Ultimate General! I'm not a big reader/youtuber/reditter/etc., I've got no friends who game anymore and I haven't got as much spare-time to game in comparison to when I was a student (about the time of TW:Rome), so sometimes I discover games only years after they're released :D But wow, have I been impressed with what I've seen so far. Within 24 hours of buying Gettysburg I ended up buying Civil War as wel (the bigger scope/campaign is big yay). And there's more to come!

    And so know I learned that you are the famous Darthmod-guy from my student days! Haven read some interviews now, I must say, I'm happy for you that your chosen path lead you to truly become a game-designer. Lastly I will add that these two games have impressed me and I will be enjoying them for some time to come.


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