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  1. Yeah I just lost a long post on the raid mechanic because of this.😥
  2. Report post Posted June 5, 2019 (edited) It's only now I put all the ends together myself and learned that Nick is Darthmod! After learning that I googled your name and read some articles I could find. I'm impressed! I used to play the TW series up to Rome (I remember mostly RTR, EB and offcourse Darthmod, duh!), but I ended up ignoring the series thereafter. Mostly because I couldn't bear the wait for the community to help "improve" the, in my eyes, lacklustre vanilla-game. Blatant historical flaws (too many for me to enjoy
  3. and I want here to emphasize that I only criticize things when I really, really like them 😉
  4. ts good that you do it in this way, since the whole community comes with a common suggestion that they would prefer so you wont have to look into 100 threads of suggestions. The only thing i feel is missing is a short advertisement on the server selection screen and the steam page about where to get the lastest news and updates etc and a link to the game-labs forum
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