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  1. well,i have seen some new ship with nice figurehead,but i start to wonder what name of these figurehead and which historical person they use as a figurehead. For example, figurehead from redoutable was a Roman,from ruyter was a explorer or noble? Anyone knows them? or maybe have a document can introducing them?
  2. lt's kind obviously game-lab more foucs on pvp serve,pvp have more items only used in that serve,even patrol area include solo pvp patrol was never changed when it comes to pve serve. As a pve player,I cannot even ask any inordinate request , but hoping for improve pve player’s sociable experience. Begin with showing other nation player‘s id,no more ENEMY PLAYER! Besides, it will be better to add message option under other nation player’ ID when we come acorss on sea and wanna greeting to other nation friends.
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