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  1. Thank you Ink for reaching out to me in game and I stand corrected, it was my error. I did not realize that I can disable the sails with the 6 button, must of missed that fact Thank you for reading edited for my error
  2. Gotta say these folks have been a great help in me getting started in this game. From advice to ships, explanation of game mechanics, gone out in groups a few times. Its been a good experience so far. So if its a Pirates life you seek, or part of the Nation already become one of us. If your part of the Nation in a clan already feel free to PM me and maybe we can go hunting together Blood and Plunder, Yarg!
  3. I did read that but I missed the part where it says on ship building generates crafting xp. just seems weird to me that the only way I can get better at making cannons is building ships. so guess im gonna have to be a ship builder. Thanks
  4. OK follow up, just read a post from 2019 I think. The only way to level crafting is by ship building? I just assumed that any crafting generates crafting xp. I read the guides, did I miss that in there?
  5. New player, maybe 10 days so I have a questions or questions about crafting. Is there a complete guide somewhere? I have been trying to research it and haven't found anything that makes me feel I get it. Most are like get resources, and build small ships, but what if I just want to make upgrades? What if I want to set up buildings for this, what port bonuses? What building do what? Can I start off by making resources to sell, maybe make things that will sell and I can use once I do level up and go from there? I dont want to power level I want to enjoy the experience Thank you
  6. Though I replied to this Hey, sorry thought I replied to this. Im on the PvP server and met a clan. But I am always down to find more people who are active. Im in the Pirate nation. Same name as on here, or PM me.
  7. New player here, just bought the game a few days ago. One of the biggest issues I found is that I have little knowledge of sailing, and what I feel is a lack of finding documentation on game mechanics. Maybe I missed it, but I have many questions about how things work and have to ask people. Sometimes they answer sometimes they dont. I joined a clan which really helps out, and I can see why players who dont have access to one may get frustrated by the easy loss of ships and cost to replace. I would like to make money with crafting but have no idea how to start. There are a few videos out there
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