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  1. Barbettes that can actually be placed anywhere instead of 2 or three randomly specific places.
  2. Why is the friendly AI so broken 😭 does anyone else get issues of ships just randomly leaving formation to do a random loop? Then all the ships behind it in the squadron following it until what was originally a nice straight line becomes a complete mess?
  3. The obvious solution would be to do what pretty much every other game like this does - have the 'good' updates on rare occasions, then a different version for the latest 'hot' update. Like minecraft does with its 'latest snapshot' option.
  4. Sorry if I came across as a bit agressive old chap, think wires were a bit crossed. Worth a shot a guess. It's possible my designs were unoptimised in some way, but the game gave me no indication. In my previous example the enemy ship in question had 15in triples which should be both less accurate and have a shorter range than the 16in doubles I had equipped. From memory the only part of my fire control which wasn't optimal was the rear tower, since (for some bizarre reason) the built in barbette was too small to accept my 16in guns. On an unrelated note, funny coincidence that d
  5. I was getting hits, and the number of hits I was scoring felt fair to me, the problem was that the enemy were getting more and started scoring hits before me when I was supposed to have a technical advantage. As for speed, they probably had a speed advantage on me, although realistically if the enemy is maintaining a steady course their speed should be practically irrelevant.
  6. I'm sorry but if I utilise all of the in-game information to make the most accurate ship possible and the AI still outperforms me in accuracy, then that is a problem with the game not me. Players shouldn't need to read swathes of literature on advanced ballistics to be able to achieve at least parity with the enemy... If I have max radar and rangefinders, RDF, top-tier towers, the most stable hull available, the most accurate form of gun available, perfect balance, optimised cruise speed, etc then I SHOULD NOT be receiving more accurate gunfire from vessels with INFERIOR EQUIPMENT beyond my ob
  7. To everyone saying that allowing unlimited freedom would lead (somehow) to a bad gameplay experience, I invite you to play Kerbal Space Program (Which this game initially advertised itself as being like). You have infinite scope to be stupid, but that hasn't stopped it becoming immensely popular. You have to think where the money is. Of the two target audiences for this game (amateur naval historian nerds vs people who have a general interest in battleships) the latter is a much larger group. By limiting the players to 'reason' you are alienating the main audience, wheras allowing unlimit
  8. Attempting the 'Destroy a Full Fleet' mission today has almost driven me to insanity. I first tried an accuracy based battleship platform. Maxed out stereo range finders, max radar, RDF, 16in twins... yet the enemy were able to detect and begin laying accurate fire on me before I had even spotted them!? Even once I had spotted them I needed to zoom over to actually see, since the markers did not appear unless I was close enough to them. I was down to about 50% structural (with similar damage on a single enemy BB) before they turned tail and ran, weathering my smattering of shots until th
  9. I never said it was a good idea 😉 If I'm honest, nail + head. I want to mess around! It's really no skin off the dev's back to free up many of the current constrictions to improve the player experience. At the end of the day it's a matter of what this game is marketing itself as, and for whom. Perhaps a compromise would be some sort of system in the campaign which means that designs can be vetoed by some faceless 'navy controller' if they're too stupid, but give you no such limits in the individual missions or free-play?
  10. I'm only saying that the game should not make arbitrary impositions on the numbers of specific items you can place. What If I wanted to make a vessel with a similar layout to the Victoria class ironclads but modernised? (Aka, a single extra-heavy turret). In the current game you are FORCED to place at least two main turrets... there is no need. As for stopping the player producing totally absurd designs – you would have to have a very loose grasp on actual naval history to believe that mere absurdity was a barrier to many naval architects – one only needs to look at French vessels of the
  11. Agree with this 100%! I really cannot get excited at the prospect of the devs adding new, pre designed towers. They account for a huge part of a vessels character. The difficulty comes in balancing customisation with simplicity. A slightly more restrictive but potentially more implementable solution, would be to split the tower into 3 different parts: Bridge (which would include other auxiliary decks as one unit) Mast, and Top. Upgrading the bridge could improve turning radius and potentially stability, the mast and top would be a mix of cosmetic, and affecting accuracy/spotting etc (this coul
  12. Now, to me the combat aspect of this game was of secondary interest to the building phase – after all the unique construction aspect is what sets this game apart from its competitors. Because of this, I can look at this aspect of the game with less preconceptions and perhaps can review it with more fairness. (My thoughts on construction can be seen here) I am going to start by saying that I am still very much a novice at the combat part of the game. Although I have sampled a fair number of the missions, my success rate has been very low. Therefore I am going to focus most my commen
  13. I know that what a lot of what I’m about to say has been said before, but I feel suggestion reports often work on a principle of ‘accuracy by volume’ I will preface this by saying that the compelling facebook adverts (which have slowly ground down my will into purchasing a £40 over the course of several months) are pretty misleading since I now see on here, that the devs have said back in October that they have no intention of implementing a similar system to adjust the hull. This borders on false advertising which I don’t think is fair for a game of this price! In general I find de
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