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  1. Yes, sorry. Was at minimum displacement. As to your suggestion, I couldn't find a tower with cage masts and a built in funnel spot. Thank you for your quick response.
  2. US Dreadnought III 1919 Date No funnels will mount, says no mounts
  3. Anyone else noticed that draft is ridiculous? The RN BCIII (Hood) hull has a draft of 15m/49.2'. FOURTY-NINE FEET?!?!?? And it doesn't change as you adjust other things. Make it heavier and the length and beam increase, but the draft stays the same. Make it lighter, length and beam drop. Draft? Nah, it's the same. FYI, Hood's draft (at normal load) was 8.7m/28.5'. I know, "What does this have to do with OP about armor weight?" Well, as the Devs have said, the armor model, as currently operating, armors the ENTIRE SIDE from deck to keel at EQUAL thickness. Historically, where I can find th
  4. And here's #3, actually got a shot. Hit at 5:30 w/ 16" "mid deck penitration". 1:11 later, without another hit, I see "Main Gun destroyed, Barbette destroyed, Fire, Rudder damaged, got Flash Fire, and Sinks due to structural damage. 1 hit....*BOOM*. 3 in one day. I should buy a lotto ticket.
  5. So, something has obviously changed. Just replayed "Sink an entire fleet" and "German Pride". I 'Hooded' the BC in both. 1 hit each. In SANF, it was a radar/blind fire "extended deck forward" w/ a 16" Super Heavy using TNT and it hit, then engine 1, 2, 3, rudder, ammo explosion, ?? Sinks due to structural damage. Only 21% identified at the time of hit. In GP, it was the "Hood" and I hit her w/ a 15" light using Tube Powder, rear deck extended, fire, flash fire, "Penelope" sinks due to structural damage. Never had a 'GT'* before today, 2 in less than an hour. *For th
  6. Tells us to keep it clean, then unloads a laundry list of blasphemous French battleships/cruisers right off the start...🤢
  7. Well, technically speaking, the N3/G3 didn't have an 'all forward' layout. It had an a/B/Tower/q layout.
  8. I had one the other day fire with it's aft turret completely submerged. 😅🤦‍♂️
  9. The loading screen that shows the information for SMS Sankt Georg is incorrect. It states "The armament comprised two twin 9.5" guns, 5 7.5" guns..." It actually carried 1 twin 9.4" (24cm) gun, and 5 7.5" (19cm) guns.
  10. So, here's my take. I like the flash fire, it adds a bit more realism. It may need tweaked over time to modulate the frequency (to many/not enough) vs the modules/armor/ammo type. However, and this is a BIG however, since the current armor model leaves the fore and aft (A and Y in most cases) protected only be the belt and deck EXTENDED armor, not the main belt/deck, these will happen WAY to often. I just did an "Invincible" as close to historic as possible (no 4" deck mount OR casemates available?) and took 2 hits, one in the stern belt extended, and one in the bow belt extended, both caused
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