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  1. Could you tell me (approx.) how likely such an event is? Cause Iam doing a new MG Union campaign atm and in the second part of Shiloh (larkin field, etc) iam facing odds of 1:5 (if not more) soldiers, which makes holding these positions (and not losing too many men) pretty difficult. (I've been holding back on huge units, all my inf is 1500men now.) On another note, iirc i read somewhere on the forum that the mod makes early Union espcially punishing on MG and Legend. So I was wondering, is it possible that the mod makes (early) CSA easier than the base game? To be honest the CSA on BG is too easy, after Shiloh I was continously able to outmatch the Union in INF and ART, however I've only played until 2.Bull run, so I was wondering if the CSA campaign is supposed to become more difficult later on.
  2. Many thanks, before posting here I had several promising attempts, each thwarted by the damn time limit (or at least what I thought it to be). Wenn es dich nicht stoert haette ich noch eine persoehnliche Frage, in deinem YT Video hast du keinen deutschen Akzent aber dein Profil(name) ist voll von Referenzen an D-land, bist du zufaellig Deutsch-Amerikaner? Lebe selbst im Ausland und schreibe auf einer AZERTY Tastatur, kann daher keine Umlaute nutzen.
  3. That would be a game changer, is there any way to tell me how much time I really got left?
  4. With all due respect, but is it possible that the mod makes scaling more of an issue? Iam currently doing a Union campaign on MG (First time with the mod) and Iam facing harsh odds at Logan' crossing. Obviously the mission itself is rather bothersome (the starting position/VP are rubbish) however what really cripples me is the amount of soldiers/experience the AI throwes at me. (In terms of equipment it would seem that things are pretty balanced) My corps: 19500 Inf (the bulk being 3 big 1 star brigades with muskets, only 6500 men are 2 stars with decent rifles) / 2x 750 Skrimisher brigades with 1859 sharps) 97 guns (32x 6pdr, 40x napoleons, and some howitzers, ordnance) Only one brigade has 2 stars. 950 Ranged cav (However I can't deploy all my forces since I got 14 brigades but only 11 are allowed on the battlefield, which means that the AI most often fields about 11000 inf more than me, and has a slight advantage in guns and cav.) AI: 28000-30000 Inf (Mostly 2 star but there is always one big (3000men) 3 star and a few 1 stars) Line inf is equipped with muskets, the skrimishers (about 2000) however got 1859 sharps 85-105 Guns (Howitzers and Ordnance as far as I can tell) 1300-1700 Melee cav, Up until now I've beaten the AI soundly in every engagement, (1/5 ratio, sometimes 1/7). Since my casulties were rather acceptable I decided to spend as little ressources as possible on my corps (in order ro increase their usefullness at a later point with a higher economy/training skill. It seems to me that Shiloh is doable with my current corps, however I reckon that I might be too optimistic given my limited experience with the mod. Iam by no means a genius at the game but I found that Vanilla MG was too easy (scaling wise) and therefore thought that MG was an acceptable first choice for the mod. (Never tried Vanilla Legendary) Got 14000 recruits and 270000 dollars left. Should I just skip the mission or try to get a decent draw? Tactical or strategic suggestions would be much appreciated.
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