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    could someone post a link to updated version?
  2. Your experience is wrong. Relative historical accuracy means that hypothetical victory should kill any ship of 3rd - 7th rate. We already have a stupid historycal accuracy where 3rd rate ship can be faster then small ships. We already get your beloved "realism" in wood stats: I hope it's clear without hints what is wrong in this picture. Game balance can be implemented in two ways: when every ship and cannon is useful (EVE online is the perfect example) or your main goal to grind the best and biggest ship (WoW style). And both ways nothing to do with realism and historycal accuracy.
  3. Game balance must not simulate realism at all. It is a wrong direction and a dead end. The quote from steam - "Naval Action is a hardcore, realistic, and beautifully detailed naval combat sandbox" with MMO tag. MMO sandbox is about gameplay, economics and balance. 99.9% players do not give a shit about wood hardness, sailing physics, real cannon penetration and all this nonsense posted above. You can rename all cannons to caliber 1, 2, 3, rename all wood to white, black, yellow and so on and no one would care if the game will provide entertaining gameplay, perfect combat balance and live and balanced economy. It is the main issue of this game that devs try to develop irrelevant things connected to "realism" supported by minority on forum instead of fixing core issues. If game development is about "realism" than steam description should be changed to something like - this game is similar to MS flight simulator in age of sails. no need in deceiving potential buyers. I even would not ask my money back, let it be, I received my share of fun already. And you can continue to play on server with 10 ppl online who share your beliefs.
  4. There are several questions: Right now if your nation loose a port, you can jump in trader ship and retrieve your cargo and ships locked in this port. With this carma thing you need to reset it. It is an additional burden to defeated side except loosing all buildings. I do not understand from the description, can a player with good carma be attacked? if yes, what is the point of the whole carma thing? You cannot help even your attacked clan mate and and do not receive personal safety in exchange. Anyone can jump in trader ship and trade across the gulf right now. What is the difference with the carma thing in that case? My first thought was that this mechanic can help people in small nations without ports, but in reality you need buildings only if you want to craft ships and cannons. Cannons can be crafted in any neutral port and there is no reason to craft ships in enemy port if you do not have an access to port bonuses. So there is only one reason to have good carma - if you create pure trader alt that buy most profitable or most expensive resources in key ports (like gold, silver, muskets and rare wood). It is forcing players to buy additional account or use one of the existing one for trading. Is it the point? I see only one good idea behind carma thing - quite safe pve for most players. But I do not see how there fit Pirate nation. If they are allowed to join any battle then what is the drawback of being a pirate?
  5. Devs were trying to rebalance wood stats for two months. And this rebalance depends only on four main stats: hull thickness, speed, mast thickness, HP, everything else is irrelevant. Now they want to rebalance full damage model, where wood is just one of the pieces. There are only two ways: you know what you are doing with wood keeping upcoming cannon rebalance in mind or you try to rework all pieces apart with no idea how they fit in the whole picture. Everyone can read related topics on forum and check that wood stats where changed based on current damage model. This approach can lead only to rework of the all combat mechanic and wood stats will be rebalanced again and again when it will become obvious that pieces do not fit together. It is a shame when you try to develop mmo sandbox and do not understand mathematics and math statistics.
  6. Anyone who have seen elite loki show have a knowledge that previous speed limit was 19+ knots. Old data reflected maximum allowed speed for any ship (npc or not). So if you say that speed limit is 17 knots without changing npc ships stats it makes additional confusion:)
  7. Lets return to the topic. There must be some mechanic to test your ship with upgrades. There is no ingame info about your ship stats when you put some refits in it, like spanish or pirate. Does the pirate refit has any effect on reuqin or trader lynx? What is my speed on inger with spanish refit? Devs propose to gather this info myself because do not bother to implement correct ingame statistics. Why would I need to go on na-map to check speed stats of my ship? How can i be sure that an info on this site is correct? Ok, I can put an upgrade , undock in my capital, tag some npc snow and try to gather all info. But wait, what if my nation have no capital? Do you propose to sail 30 min to find npc in empty see? Thank you very much, it is a distinction between complete product and alfa test. What if I need to test my maneurability against particular ship? How can I do it? To sail in empty ow trying to find a player willing to fight? Ok, lets test with npc! But wait! I need to spend 30 min to find this npc and it is so ridiculously buffed that it makes no sense to try if I want to prepare for pvp, because this is a pvp game, isnt it?
  8. I know only one example: https://www.warhistoryonline.com/military-vehicle-news/hms-speedy-captured-el-gamo.html But it was not a common thing for sure.
  9. The issue with a snow is more complex. its maneuverability gives an ability to fire two broadsides in 6 seconds. So its firepower can be compared with all frigates except except 250+ BR. it is possible to outdamage belle poulle in pure side to side exchange. The second reason is 32pd carronades, their penetration on 100m - 115. 12pd medium cannons have 109 penetration on 100m. carronades are an ultimate weapon, they have more penetration, more damage, and overall DPM on every ship till 3rd rates. So we have a small ship with a firepower of 250 BR frigate which is hard to hit from larger vessels. With cannons that can demast everything lower 4th rank and penetrate any armour of any ship including 1th rates.
  10. Нашёл игру случайно наткнувшись на стримы дрона и реверса на ютубе. Первой проблема - отсутствие рекламы. В стиме смог найти игру только вбив название в поиске. Вторая большая проблема - игра просто не приспособлена для массовой аудитории, местами недоделана. Начал за играть за Британию, первое с чем столкнется новый игрок - его просто ганкнут у порта. Первые корабли будут потеряны, денег на новые и эквип нет. Игра как бы мягко намекает - купи dlc корабль. Но его тоже нужно оснащать. Пособий по заработка денег нет, все стоящие товары в 1.5 портах бриттов скупают сразу при появлении даже с онлайном 700 человек. А что будет когда онлайн станет 2000? Прокачка и фарм: С миссий нет выхлопа кроме опыта с большим шансом быть ганкнутым. НПС корабли нужного ранга разбросаны непонятно где и как и их просто мало. При этом всегда найдётся желающий влезть в твой бой. На это можно было бы закрыть глаза, если бы не приходилось плыть в одну сторону по 10 минут с 0 результатом. А кроме бесполезных миссий и Ханта нас в игре новичку и заняться больше нечем. Рынок: Его просто нет, апгрейдов не купить даже если есть деньги. Книг на рынке тоже нет. Где их брать вообще непонятно, кроме тех, что в адмиралтействе продаются. Все остальное продаётся по диким ценам, когда себестоимость пушки 300 реалов, а она на рынке лежит за 2000. Кораблей так же у бриттов не купить, не знаю что там в других нациях. PvP: Знакомство с пвп для новичка начинается со встречи с каким-нибудь Сноу у своего порта, у которого одни апгрейды на корабле стоят больше, чем новичку можно заработать за месяц игры. Это не говоря про книги, пушки и пр. Рассказ про пвп на этом можно и закончить. И это одна из миллиона проблем баланса на данный момент. Комьюнити: Вступил в какой-то клан. 90% игроков там играют уже годами, у них все есть и ничего кроме походов на пб и редких пвп поездок им уже не нужно. Новички там нахрен никому не нужны, чтобы им что-то объяснять и чему-то их учить. А большинство информации по игре можно получить только у игроков. Смех, но я даже нормального калькулятора производства не смог найти, все устарело и актуальность потеряло, кроме калькулятора производства кораблей. 8 лет играл в EVE, открытый мир, свободное пвп и прочее меня не особо отталкивает, но состояние игры сейчас такое, что для среднестатистического игрока играбелен только пве сервер. И то с натяжкой. Состояние поздней альфы или ранней беты. Появление массового игрока лишь обрушить рейтинг в стиме, задержутся единицы. Поплаваю пока в свободное время на пве сервере, посмотрю как проект будет развиваться.
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