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  1. Is there already an ETA on when we can expect the non-repairing rudders and engines to be fixed?

    Its really annoying because that damage is most often permanent for the player, but the AI can most often repair it and get going again.

  2. On 8/18/2020 at 4:00 PM, Cptbarney said:

    They could code it so that secondaries on whatever side that aren't firing look for an object to target within 2secs after the other side starts enganging or whatever. Or have it so that one side engages ships within a cone/sector/section etc and the other side the same and unless told so by the player all guns will just fire at whatever.

    That should help, we could also do with shot synchronization so rapid fire, salvo, single shot, 1-2 etc. so we have different ways for turrets beyond single barrels to fire and can also apply to the former as well.

    Yies that too! 

    I really like my properly executed ripple fire, or fire in sequence.

    This could also be beneficial for targeting if you have shells landing on the enemy constantly, when you fire your guns one after the other instead of in bulks.

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  3. I think an interesting feature would also be to allow the player to divide a ships weaponry into specific custom groups.


    Currently its really annoying to have the entire side of a ship stay silent while its broadsiding someone else on the other side. This is probably not easy to achieve but it kinda takes away from the experience and eliminates side guns from the game entirely, because they only become important when you switch targets to someone opposite youve been shooting until that point.

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  4. Nah i was more on things like designing the enemy ships and setting headings and positions relative to where the player starts n that kinda stuff.

    from the videos ive seen it looked as if that was possible.


    apparently i was wrong :(

  5. Ive had a similar experience just the other day coincidentally, in the very match i made a video about in screenshots and videos i recorded several torpedo hits scoring below 100 dmg and at some point, despite doing that still, they didnt even start to affect the structure points of the ship anymore once everything was red along the keel. 

    granted, the ships entire lenght had a 500mm (22 inch i guess) belt armor so one would expect this, but its still kinda ridonkulous.


    I think some sweetspot where one would achieve torpedo immunity should exist. but the armor youd have to stack up for that along citadel V and Krupp IV would have to be around that 20 inch mark AT THE LEAST

    and come at a great cost of speed and firepower. maybe have a torpedo tank thats littered with small guns to take on DDs and CLs?


    id dig that.

  6. I agree 100%


    You could actually come at this with a whole heap of customisation methods if you take the values the different basic hulls provide and then make it independent from each other.

    What do i mean by this: 
    basic ship hull types offer only the rough shape of a ship and can be modified to suit the player´s needs.

    For example, an atlantic-bow may give german ships some benefits in high seas and rough weathers, just as some food for thought.

    As well as that, i think something like, beam, draft, propeller amount, rudder armount, torpedo belt shape or makehup, should all be customizable things that change the hulls values accordingly.

    Lets say you increase draft, beam and engine HP, you get a ship with a worse signature and maneuverability (wich could be coundered with maybe two rudders and 4 props) for higher resistance and form. I think a system similar to this would have much more future than what we currently have.

    But lest not forget the alpha status of the game. We dont know exactly where the devs really want to take it and if this idea would match up with any of theirs. Maybe they even have a better idea for this in the future that we cant even concieve of. We dont know until they tell us. 

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  7. Sadly, there is no way to see how many hours one has already sank into the game but i think i might, since the release be advancing comfortably towards the 30 hour mark.

    I have things that i like to see added, varying in importance and they go as follows, most important on the top:


    2. Option to save ship builds
    2.1 Option to build all shipclasses in the game manually, instead of only one, and the rest done by the AI.
    2.2 Option to build different ships of the same type, so if the enemy f.ex. has 6 BBs, they wont all be the same. (and actually allows things like Nelson and Rodney tag teamin together happening at all)
    2.3 Option to load previous ship builds into new custom matches to build your task force made up of varying builds

    3. Damage Control
    3.1 Give the player more detailed (and transparent) information about the damage to the allied ships.
    - Ive witnessed it often enough, that enemy ships kept repairing their engines again and again, while my own ships would never do this.
    3.2 allow the player to set priorities on what DC-Teams running around the ship should focus on. This would allow us to fight fires around ammunition racks specificly or target compartments to pump the water out of etc.

    4.1The game needs better, more transparent and more plentiful options in setting keys and customize their game controls
    4.2 Camera Control is an absolute pain in the ass, because while you use right mouse button held down to rotate, thats the same button to direct the ships heading. When you dont hold the mouse button for long enough, this means that you accidentally give your ship a new heading when rotating the camera is all you wanted.
    (BONUS: that happened once when i was tryna dodge torpedoes! Spoiler alert: yes i got hit and sunk)

    5. Ship design options
    5.1 Allow more freedom in placing Towers, Barbettes and Funnels.

    6. Coop please! Thatd be hella fun!
    6.1 Maybe open world multiplayer?

    7. Historical gun turrets
    - The german 11' (280mm) Main Gun turrets dont look true to original at all, please change it accordingly, because my scharnhorst looks really sad. 
    - Same for the german 6' (150mm) and 8' (203mm) main gun turrets for cruisers
    7.1 Maybe introduce option to include different era versions of the same caliber guns?
    - The Scharnhorst class BB used the same caliber gun as the Deutschland Class CA, but the ones on the former, were more advanced and had better penetration along with slightly longer barrels. This could be made interesting as well for other nations because it makes the cost/weight component alot more poignant.

    8. Firecontrol
    - can we get manual firecontrol maybe? i know this is an odd suggestion because its probably on the roadmap somewhere, but i really like the realism aspect so far and id kill to get some true naval gunnery action for a change. Even if im only relaying info from the firedirector over to the gunners. But this game would absolutely kick ass if we had that.

    9. crew management
    - could we get a feature whereby we could manage (not on an individual level of course because one could never direct 3000k ppl running round on a Battleship) Crews from knocked out guns around the ship to help where manpower is needed or redistribute manpower around the ship when fires or flooding is actually killing crewmembers
    - maybe introduce penalties according to crew loss as well, so that ppl would have to keep their sailors alive during a fight too? im guessing many would hate this, but id be 100% in favour.
    9.1 While on the subject maybe introduce different raw difficulty setting that increase or decrease the amount of micromanagement youd be required to do, so ppl who wouldnt wanna suffer penalties from dying crewmembers could just untick that box and never deal with that mechanic at all.



    So thats it for now. Calm seas my friends!


    Rina ❤️

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  8. So, i got this key today and was really excited to break the game in.


    Some things are off, AI seems to hit a lot more often than my crew but not too badly.

    Decided to build a typical 30s era german High-Seas DD and hit it off in a 1v1.


    37kts tops, 6x 12cm (and yies please devs introduce metric numbers, like cmon guys its 2020 xD) cannons in single barrel turrets, 2x 4tube torplauncher and pretty kickass softstats. rounded it off with full DD armor along the belt, turrets and conning tower.


    Enemy spotted, kept at range for the time being, working the armor.... Royal navy DD seemed to be undergunned for the armor.

    The i thought, "would be a shame if this dude packed eletric torpedoes just like i do."

    And guess what i ran into next. Damn tham spidey senses.

    So anyway, i had two engines down, burning, flooding and just thought, meh... 60% intact, flooding under control, lets bring the engines back up and them hello kitty em....

    Engines wouldnt come back tho... so having krept at 15 kts for 10 minutes i ended the suffering, pulled a 180 and then i noticed it: "DD arab ran out of torpedoes for....."




    Kept getting closer.... and closer...... and closer.... enemy shells still dinging off the armor up to 30°-ish angle.... my guns tho? nah ah were not hitting anything today sir, its just this new thing our therapist told us about... u know.... occupational therapy?

    So its point blank range now.... i have to keep it at a steady 25 starboard rudder to keep the angle up.... im still not hitting for shet, meanwhile, enemy hit counter up to 60..... oh boi, how long will this go?


    Then disaster strikes... out of nowhere... fkn flashfire... first midship... then the 2 turrets aft.... so now im down to 14% integrity, 17% flooding, ship is burning and my remaining 3 guns are still not hitting it....




    Im increasing rudder to full starboard now... this allows my second torp launcher to go SKRRRRRRRRRRRRRA.


    Previously COMPLETELY BUCKIN UNHARMED little shit thats run circles around me eats 3 of them. 


    I win.



    PS: i know this includes cussing but its necessary for the flavour.

  9. Hello, i have found that my issue seems to be that i can only play once for every installation.

    This is the chronology:

    Download Game -> install game -> play game -> exit game -> want to play game again -> doesnt launch.


    In the launcher it says "playing" for a moment, and then it switches back to "play". for some reason the executable seems to get shot down and only reinstalling has been able to fix this so far.


    Please send help

  10. On 7/20/2020 at 6:51 PM, Nick Thomadis said:


    1. All Standard Edition buyers will get Xsolla access this week. You will receive the email that has the key to the launcher and the download link. 


    How soon shall we start bothering support if someone didnt get their key yet?


    EDIT: i have just noticed the post above. Please ignore what i said.

    *innocent whistling*

  11. My question is related to the statement on the website that those who purchased the "standard edition" early access will be getting their keys on release in the first half of 2020.


    That first half is 69 days away from its end.


    Having been here on this earth for quite some time now, i have already begun to assume this deadline will not be upheld. No hard feelings.

    However, i would like to know where the delays stem from, when a supposed secondary release date is set and what the estimate is on how much more time needs to go into further alpha testing.


    I think those questions are within the bounds of a reasonable concern.


    Fair winds everyone! ❤️

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