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  1. Yes yes I do understand Russia got curb stamped by Germany in World War 1 however this game opens up the possibilities of alt history Russian Vs Germany in a different war. What I'm more interested in is will we be able to see the boarder change as we "win" in the war, say we managed to slam dunk the Russians so hard the army is able to be supported by the navy via naval bombardment and naval raids in strategic ports the army is attacking. Stuff like that really adds to the immersion that the navy is truly helping directly in the war not just sitting there and starving the population via a
  2. As we get closer to a true campaign I must ask, how will a war actually work? Will we be able to see our boarder that changes as we lose and win wars, or will it be like what RtW2 do and just have a map dotted with areas that are naval bases that you take. Are we going to be able to see the land conflict when a war start? During a war I really doubt that the land forces will sit on their asses during a war and not try and attack pushing the enemy. To also add on to this point how will a war between two nations like Germany and Russia will go, as its really hard to see Germany winning this
  3. There is a high chance that they will not be making a mobile port of this game do to the fact that mobile devices will most likely have low FPS and overheat due to what this game is asking for. Not to mention the amount of storage needed for a game like this most likely fill up entire phone. But who knows if the latest phones and tablets can somehow have as much power as a console then maybe.
  4. Thanks for the replay! Good to know that this will be in the game, thank you for all your hard work to get this game on its feet and moving forward.
  5. Hey I have interesting question to ask about how fuel would work in the campaign, will there be some sort of rudimentary fuel/supply system or is it just a debuff to research rate for oil fired engine like in Rule The Waves? As we all know Germany, France, Italy, Austria-Hungary and Japan did not have easy access to a source of oil in their respective home areas. Will this have a affect on how we design ships and what colonies/goals we will gun for? Lets say example i'm playing as Germany and I want to use oil fired engine but don't have a source of oil because I don't own any colo
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