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  1. with your main being in russia ty for confirming how the system is being abused, primarily by members of the russian nation (NOT implying russians in r/l) the whole system now of alts being made to mess with other nations is making the political and RvR side pointless unless you are part of, or allied to the zerg
  2. i agree 100% i had to take a quick break from NA for some r/l stuff and tbh i don't feel any motivation to return until they sort out the current fiasco of imbalanced distribution of special woods - i want to play a period action pvp game where the ships i sail/build are competitive (i don't mind them being a gold/labor hour sink) and not some weird auction sniping game to pay overinflated prices for special woods that the alts from the richest nations swoop in and gobble up
  3. I propose that the claiming of combat marks from the daily patrol zone is automated The current version requires manual claiming of the combat marks. What is wrong with this is that players often forget to claim their combat marks for a whole variety of reasons - intend to return the PZ later with friends, had to log out and wasn't able to make it back into game before maintenance or they simply got into a conversation sailing back from the PZ, or were asked to come help a friend in battle and simply forgot The rationale is that the combat marks were earned by the players actions in combat in the Patrol Zone and not by remembering to click on a UI once in port - while it is the responsibility of the captian to claim their combat marks, it isn't a positive experience to realize you messed up and your hours of hard work will get no reward - this can be particularly demoralizing for newer captains who we want to see come back for more pvp, rather than subconsciously think it was a negative experience and not do the PZ anymore also if a captain claims his combat marks out of fear he might forget later, and then friends ask if he wants to come join them in the patrol zone, he might decline since he has already closed his rewards for the day Proposal on changes (there are two): (1) when a player has done enough damage in the Patrol Zone, upon leaving the Patrol Zone a window pops up asking them if they want to claim their combat marks NOW - they can do so or click on "LATER" or (2) the server database already keeps track of everybody;'s damage done in the Patrol Zone - script it so that at maintenance the database tells the server who gets how many combat marks and sends them to the player's DLC/gifts/rewards UI and the captain can claim them from there
  4. chat ban doesn't stop you sailing your DLC am glad admin is policing chat fun competitive banfer and 'trash talking' is fine - toxic abusive chat isn't most nations and clans have their own discords and teamspeaks
  5. great in theory - going to be horrible in reality as clans joining both sides will exploit the mechanic and 'accidentally snap off 'friendly' ships bowsprits, block broadsides and if you fire expect to get a tribunal raised against you and so on the old dueling system would be better in my opinion
  6. it used to be worse, MUCH worse NO super home fleets so any size ship could sail up to KPR NO towers or forts to hide under your PvE mission would show up in the open world AND enemy players could enter the mission to attack you KPR channel would sometimes have 25 enemy 1st rates sitting in it right off the docks blockading it so your thinking is very mistaken admin has done a good job trying to protect new players remember that this is a PvP sandbox server
  7. good afternoon i was sailing on my toon Salty Bacon (in pirates) on an idiaman with 2 indiamen in fleet, from puerto plata to grand turk trading goods "about 20km out of puerto plata i got tagged by a spanish AI super fleet like you only find in national capital waters i lost my two indiamen along with all their goods (worth approx 1.6 million reals in Grand Turk) i'm not worried about getting my 2 indiamen or the money back rather it is a bug that this fleet appeared out of nowhere so far from ANY capital, let alone the Spanish one screenshots: location and date and time screenshot showing local time (USA Pacific coast time) and spanish super fleet this bug probably should be looked into to prevent it happening to others? TY!
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