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  1. Not from Steam, as a screenshot...We can share it as a screenshot on Steam. I asked if you would mind if I share it. 😁😁
  2. @Nick Thomadis Do you mind if I share the photos I took on Steam ?
  3. unrelated to the topic, but i want to share a photo , but it accepts a maximum size of 50kb , witch was note like this before HEELLLLP!!!
  4. yes, I want these too + rudders and propellers..., we are thinking the same thing
  5. sorry So which post would you suggest I write under?
  6. graff spee's main batteries should come in different models like 283 and 303 mm and 128 mm/61 KM40 guns....
  7. SO GOOD İDEA such things add more variety and playability to the game, turning the opposing ship into a colander gives a different pleasure
  8. The water intake mechanics need to be improved a bit, actually, it's good, but sometimes it can be illogical.For example, some more details can be added.For example, it would be nice if we could observe the water-taking sections vertically as well as horizontally.For example, the ship eats torpedoes from the nose, takes water, the nose part does not sink, the ship lies on its side however, if it was done as I said and for example, 2 sections of water in the direction of the port in the nose part and it would be more realistic if the nose of the ship was at a certain angle to the port direction
  9. I'm glad graf spee has come, I wonder if the scharnhorst hull and superstructures will come? Will ships like Agir come too?I'm afraid to ask, but are you planning to bring in aircraft carriers?If this happens, I think at least the small caliber guns on the ships will be more useful than the secondary battery, they will be more functional.
  10. They are very faithful and strong, this will not happen in some groups, I personally envy it, it would be hard for me I couldn't do it that much. I hope the games come to the position they want when it comes to selling.
  11. Me too I can say really detailed from wows except ship modeling but it still has a very good system There was a game called Atlantic fleet which I liked the most, we could watch underwater. That sinking of the ship was calmly nice
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