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  1. France Ship Le Grase in Sea Trial'sLe Grase in close combat versus german battleship
  2. coming king george V and richelieu class ships ?? ı wonderrrrrrrr
  3. The dry docks available in the game is not very good, frankly , Wouldn't it be more logical to have a dry dock model with no water like the reality? something totally like in the picture I know maybe it is an unnecessary thought for now but I think it can definitely be considered for the future this is my opinion
  4. new ships are a must , Scharnhorst and King George V classes and maybe richelieu class actually with the feature King George V class need and now seriously range finders and propellers with animation condition feature range finders really and the flooding mechanics should be corrected for example the ship takes water from the bow or stern but listing on the port or starboard side.
  5. Ahh glad to hear it i thought it was a must to buy separately for steam I think this is my fool 😅😅
  6. They may be aircraft carriers, but they can be very powerful. I did not see a dynamic accordingly on warships.🤔🤔🤔
  7. actually the campaign part might be like the atlantic front like convoy raids, but of course with stories and narratives we may need to repair the ships, we pull them to the shipyard such as air strikes are possible or whatever the developer team plans :D
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