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  1. Hopefully after they finish thier current projects. We don't need them to start a 5th project to work on right now.
  2. see this is what we want, just tell us whats happening every once in a while. its not rocket surgery to just tell us "aw ye we have modelled 2 new hulls and fixed 1 bug, this week, you might expect them beeing added in alpha-x which btw is beeing delayed because a core feature we want for that alpha is acting up, see ya in two weeks"
  3. This is just human psychology, tell a human what a toy does and they will only play with that toy the way you described it, give a human a toy with no description and they will discover the possibilities on thier own. Read up, it works on all age groups with toys, tools, software, anything.
  4. Because if it is named "fuso hull" some less creative people will automatically gravitate towards creating a fuso. Those same less creative people will then bash the game design because there is only 1 or 2 buids they can do on a hull. Redgarding the development: Daum I rambled TLDR: talk to me more! Progress can be slow I don't care, if EA, a multibilion company, can release a garbage product and make money on it then a small indie studio who's employees have probably never even seen a bilion dollars combined can have one or two year delay. Communication is
  5. Its gonne be here before the end of summer I can bet on it. The problem with features like campaign is that you can't just make all the devs work on it. Visual artists have no idea about coding, coders probably only focus on this thing working and the ui is probably placeholder,there are facts you have to include in a historically accurate campaign that if done wrong may offend many people. Since campaign is a very important feature that will probably bring the game to steam, it has to work on the 1st try, because there are no second chances on steam reviews. If they hello kitty up the steam e
  6. Devs you alive? We require sustenance in form of update.
  7. is this game moving in any direction in any way? Where can I find patch notes?
  8. many bugs like this on almost every hull. its like devs handpick what part goes on what ship and none other fit, this approach is doomed tho cuz there are so many parts you cant pake everything by hand. They need to write a script or something that would do it for them.
  9. I want more jap hulls because my 1st campaign playthrough will most likely be them due to beeing kinda weak so there is much to build upon. same witch china, spain, aus-hung, italy to some extent and also russia seem to be the most interesting.
  10. This fixes so much, I'll be testing it as soon as it comes out, if no major gamebreaking bugs appear this will be the biggest update yet. And it makes the game playable if not for the battles yet, just for the designer alone. Cant wait for design saving so I can start creating my fleet.
  11. any guess when alpha 11 drops? kinda dry in here, not a good trait in a ship water boom boom game ya know?
  12. let's hope for more freedom for the player. Also a database for designs would be nice, AI could use that instead of autodesign to use the ships against us kinda like in spore, it would have to have some freedom to change stuff tho as in campaign it would not always have required tech. but the general placement could still be used and a template.
  13. I like that a lot, I also have a sugestion, the forum is really dead, which mwans that the interest in the game is very very low. Naybe you should reach out to some youtubers (benjamun magnus, deachinifel etc.) to promote the project a little. Not necessarily now, since there is not a lot to do, but at the end on 2021 before Christmas. It would bring in some fresh ideas and clear minds to the community. I like the roadmap, and especialy the increase in feedback coming and going from the dev team. Hyped for crew and designer improvements. Have a great year lads.
  14. lol remember when 10 pages of comments would pop up every patch on 1st-2nd day? ye me neither.
  15. it will get finished but many are worried that it won't reach the depth of rtw2.
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