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  1. crew efficiency should not only depend on the crew itself. if they got forced out of a compartment by water then they should not be able to perform thier duties
  2. notice how crew is at 100% efficiency. "we dont want a 40k style bloodbath" is ok. Crew literaly not dying is not ok.
  3. can you sop going offtopic calling eachother nazis and communists and shit? it's an unfinished game forum and we are supposed to provide feedback, if someone said something offtopic just ignore it and help the devs finish this game in this decade please.
  4. We are all over it now, campaign is cringe now, now we want something else.
  5. The campaign is best served before the end of this year.
  6. Ships that took a certian amount of damage should be considered dead in the water, and in campaign, after the battle a ship like that if not sunk in the battle itself would have a dice roll, either it would sink with all crew, sink but have its crew rescued or survive and be in a condition so bad it would be out for years, or flat out only worth its weight in scrap. In missions and customs I feel like the feature is not needed as much.
  7. Will hulls be limited by nation as they are now or will we set a number of requirements when we research them, and the game will give us a hull that fits our needs the most. Eg: im playing japan. I need a fast, long range, quite large, long hull for my battleship, bc I just won a war with w russia and took some of thier baltic possessions. And the game will be like: aw yep m8 u need this great hull I have for the year 1925, in history the british used it but since now you as japan have a global empire, here have at it. And if the British got krumped by the krauts they could do with
  8. can someone who knows his ships create a crosssection heat map of where most of the crew would be located when in battle? something like this but actually make it correct, this pic is just a guess and done literaly on the knee as I am going to work.
  9. I am not sure if what I said earlier came out as me wanting the crew to die by the hundreds. It was not my intention. Right now a crew member will die from a partial penetration to the fore or aft extended armor section every time. Its like all crew is distributed evenly in the entire ship. I don't want the crew do just vanish each time the ship is hit, I want critical hits like center citadel penetration to have an impact on the performance and heart rate of crew. And as I and some other people specified, a flash fire, even a localised one that doesn't *hood* a ship imidiately, should at leas
  10. Ok so Crew mechanic is kinda weird. People die from hits they have no business dying from. Like far front or aft of the ship where there is not that many people. Also crew is just glorified hp that depletes with every hit. I once had the enemy flash fire all 3 of his aft turrets (he had 3 back and 1 front) and most of his gun and controll crew still lived. Other times I had 40% of the crew die from partial penetrations from just a rain of low cal weapons. It almost seems like they are all glued to the armor tightly and take vibration damage. Decrease crew death outside of citadel,
  11. I have the same thing. no matter what I type in it changes itslef to max value. I have to click manualy
  12. work day is officialy over please do not announce the next date untill its done.
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