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  1. I think there needs to be a Cause and affect Implemented, If a player uses his forces in an Unhistoric manner wich is what is happening then that should trigger unhistoric events like the early arrival of Confederate cavelry, Multiplayer games will always show exploitable weeknesses and with such there should be triggers to counter those moves to make the game far more enjoyable for both sides.
  2. I'm leaning towards the old Civil war Generals 2 gamestyle for unit upgrades and such with a real time startegy type battle engine that they have here, no need for economy management for a nation but strictly a wargame with some sort of management system for 2 warring armies.
  3. Found a great link to the civil war. Great videos Maps and loadouts in here. watch the animated maps. http://www.civilwar.org/battlefields/gettysburg.html
  4. I also agree not to make it like a Total war sceries and im sure the developers would not have the rights to that anyway.
  5. I like it all, lets not forget one of the main assets in the War was the capture and release of slaves as they were deemed contraband of a Warring countries war machine. Major ethical and political win here for Mr Lincoln in declaring the south a warring country and the slaves there major asset. ( Hard ethical subject to add to a game so rewarding of this in game may be appropriate ) The north would free slaves sending them north where the south would capture free Men and send them south to slavery. Also I would love to see an experience / tehcnology point % gain or loss depending on unit
  6. I also like the idea as an option if possible, im all for adding another play style to the game.
  7. CmdrMctoast


    Pick a different unit then pick group highlight the group in the group menu, then ungroup button and it will ungroup.
  8. Alot of us do this but in multiplayer that will probably not be an option. Id like to see a series of way points that can have functions in them, move to point "A" rotate to a firing position, fire, fallback to "b" adjust position, option to fire or standard function buttons or fallback to "c" hold position etc...
  9. I really dont like voting for least favorite as I feel they all surve a good purpose and allow all levels of gamers to play. with that said determined is just plain fun to play, all out slugfest. Cautous is easiest and is bottom pick for me. I do play random most of the time and do like Blunts Idea, as that would make it more realistic as to "you never know who is sitting over that ridge to counter your attack".
  10. Spot on with the comments but I adjust my play style to always try different things from game to game and battle to battle with the intent to not repeat my outcomes, be redundant or utilize exploits. I will as time goes by try to expose exploits and point them out to have them ironed out of the game but im having way to much fun right now.
  11. Would love an option to have a full scale PC map with the entire 3 days of battle and the 4th day an option for battle continuence or retreat. doesnt seam to far fetched for an option setting on the PC'S.
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